Corvette Road Trip - A Tale of Two Friends and Many Corvettes

We follow "The Jersey Boys" on a road trip to pick up a pair of 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes in Bowling Green

Jimmy Moran Aug 3, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Our names on the plant bulletin board.

At this point it's the wait that is the killer....knowing that the cars were ready to go and here we were in Jersey until the following Wednesday. But, we knew the wait would be worth it. I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to putting the top down and cruizin' up in the mountains with this car. Everything I had read about the handling and performance of these cars only excited me more and I couldn't wait to see for myself. From my earliest fondness of cars, I always loved the look of convertibles. After my first ride in one, I vowed to myself never to be without one for the rest of my life. I've pretty much lived up to that if you consider the '68 T-top in that class. But even when I owned the '68, I had a '67 Impala convertible....not quite a sports car, but it was a Super Sport. To me, there is something about the wind and sun and being able to look up and see the sky. I love riding around on a warm summer night and looking up at the stars whenever I stopped at a traffic light. Or on a warm sunny fall day with the leaves blowing all around as I drive through them. But the best is not only being in a convertible, but being in a Corvette convertible!!

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Mike's car being driven out of the museum.

On the Sunday before we were to fly to Bowling Green, I washed and waxed the '75 and got it ready for the winter. I had purchased a battery tender on my last trip to the NCM and had everything ready to store the car in the rented garage in Manasquan. This was the first time that the Vette had ever been away from me....not in my garage and it was breaking my heart. I filled it up and put a can of Sta-Bil in the gas tank on the way to the rented garage. I put the car in the garage, hook-up the battery tender and put the cover over it. I knew I would not see it again for several weeks. I would take it out and run it on nice days, but it's not the same as having it in my garage where I could walk down and look at it each night. I know--I'm a sick person when it comes to my Corvettes! Finally I said my good-byes to the roadster, locked the garage and left.

The Sky is Falling
On Monday, September 22nd, we receive word that the UAW had announced a strike against GM. Now what? Where are our cars and what does this mean for our NCM delivery? Do we have to alter all our plans, airlines, hotels, etc.....we need to make some quick decisions. As soon as the news hit regarding the strike, we were on the cell phones to each other discussing all of our options. We realized that the first thing we needed to do was to find out where the cars were physically located. Depending on where the cars were, we could plan our course of action.....if they are at the museum, we can still take delivery and forego the plant tour....if the cars are still at the plant, there is no way we can cross the picket lines and take delivery of the cars. Our next step was to contact Lori Bieschke at the museum and see if she can be of any help.

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The folks at the NCM, especially Lori Bieschke.

Lori was terrific!!! She informed us that both cars had been delivered to the museum late Friday and were in the back parking lot. At the very least we could take delivery of the cars on Thursday, September 27th, as scheduled. This meant we did not have to change any of our plans. The only thing that would be a last minute call would be the plant tour. If the strike ended by Thursday, we would get the tour. If the strike continued, we would not. But, at least we would have our cars and that was the most important thing. We could always plan another road trip to Bowling Green and schedule a plant tour.

Mike and I were two of the most relieved guys on the planet after talking to Lori. We decided that even if we could not tour the plant, we definitely wanted to pick up the cars at the museum and drive them home. We had mapped out a route and we were thrilled that we were going to make the stops that we had planned.


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