Corvette Road Trip - A Tale of Two Friends and Many Corvettes

We follow "The Jersey Boys" on a road trip to pick up a pair of 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes in Bowling Green

Jimmy Moran Aug 3, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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On the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We went back into the museum so that we could purchase some corvette items and also to stop by and see Lori, our delivery contact. She had been terrific to us and we had purchased a 'Jersey' coffee mug for her. She was kind enough to take a couple of picture with us and we couldn't thank her enough for all her help with the entire delivery process.

After taking a ton of pictures and moving the cars around the circle in front of the museum, we decided it was time to begin our journey. I felt like race car driver as I got behind the wheel and started it up....what a great sound. My wife even found this car to be extremely comfortable as she adjusted the seat to her liking.

The Trip Home Begins
Mike led the way as we proceeded out of the museum and onto route 65 to head south to Nashville where we planned to spend the night. Mike took off but since there was a truck coming and I was not familiar with the car, I held back and let the truck go by....big mistake! The truck was throwing off gravel and dirt and I was afraid it was going to hit my car. Since there was no one coming on the highway, I took off and swung out around the truck hoping that none of the gravel would hit my car. The car responded without any hesitation and took off. The next I realized I was next to Mike with the truck in my rear view mirror and dropping back quickly. This car was amazing!

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The wives taking a break.

The reminder of the ride to Nashville was very pleasant. We kept varying the speed of the cars as instructed and enjoyed the ride. A little less than an hour later we were in downtown Nashville and at our hotel. We had selected a hotel with underground parking so that we could feel safe leaving the cars. The garage turned out to be very tight and narrow, but we managed to get the cars into safe spots. That night we walked around downtown Nashville and had dinner at BB King's. We even met Elvis! When we got back to the hotel, the wives decided to go watch some TV while Mike and I went down to the garage to "play" with the new toys. We got out the detailing wax and I cleaned the front of the cars while Mike checked out the NAV system. About an hour passed and we were still going over the cars, not realizing how much time we had spent talking and check out all the features. I couldn't wait for the next morning to get the top down. The weather forecasts were for terrific weather the next couple of days. After spending one night there, we decided to start driving down towards Lynchburg the following morning.

We woke up to another sunny and warm day. After breakfast, we packed the cars and headed south to the home of Jack Daniels. We agreed to take back country roads so that we could play with the cars and see the sights. About an hour south of Nashville we stopped to make a pit stop and put the tops down. Once we were back on the road with the tops down, it was truly driving a Corvette as I imagined it should be. Two clean black cars, warm wind blowing around, sun beating down, some great tunes on the XM radio and an open country road as far as you could see. We passed horse farms and small towns. People never stopped looking when then saw the 'twins' going through their towns or passing on the roadway out front of their farms. At lunchtime we stopped in a small town that had a town square and several cute little stores and places to eat. We parked the cars in the corner of the municipal lot and put the tops back up so that we could lock them up. We walked around the square until we find a suitable place for lunch. It was a typical southern little cafe and the food was very good. The weather was outstanding and the people were all friendly. Everyone that saw the 'twins' would ask us about them and loved looking and walking around them.

After lunch, it was top down to Lynchburg. The Vettes ate up the road and seemed to want to go faster all the time. The turns were taken like the car was on rails without the slightest movement and power was always available. By the middle of the afternoon we pulled into the Jack Daniels Distillery. What a great ride it had been. As we pulled into the parking lot, a group from Australia started talking to us about the cars. The only problem was that the parking lot was dirt. It was hot and dusty as we parked and we both knew the black cars would be covered with dust...and they were. But the fun of driving and thinking about cleaning them up a little that night made it all worth it.


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