Corvette Road Trip - A Tale of Two Friends and Many Corvettes

We follow "The Jersey Boys" on a road trip to pick up a pair of 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes in Bowling Green

Jimmy Moran Aug 3, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Squire Mike & Squire Jimmy in the Squire Room at the distillery.

Our cell phones were ringing like crazy and all our friends were looking at us and taking screen shots on their PCs as we talked to them on the cells. The wives were waving to everyone on the camera and Mike and I were all over our cars. After 15 minutes of fun in front of the cameras and going over the cars, it was time to head over to the plant for the tour. It was still raining pretty good as we drove over to the plant which is across the highway from the museum. As we drove over, Ron and Larry gave us an overview of what we were about to see and some general information regarding the plant and its operations.

As we arrived at the visitor's entrance, our names were flashing on the sign about the door. Ron told us we could take our cars back here later and take photos of the cars under our names. We had our fingers crossed that the rain would let up by the time we finished the plant tour.

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At the Bar-B-Q at the distillery.

As we entered the plant we were told no cameras, cell phones, or electronic devices and the wives could not bring their pocket books with them. We were issued safety glasses, tags to wear around our necks telling all that we were buyers and not just on the normal tour. We were asked to sign a statement saying that we would not divulge any confidential information on what we would see and hear. We then proceeded to the manufacturing floor and to my amazement it was very clean and organized. All of the people we came in contact with were terrific...friendly, talkative and thanked us for buying our Vettes. Ron, our guide, had worked in the plant and not only knew all the people, but was able to point out things to us that only an 'insider' would know. The things we saw were truly amazing. How all the many parts come together to form this fabulous car is a work of wonder! We learned tons of facts about the manufacturing process, about the plant itself, and about the cars. We spent almost 3 hours walking around the plant and at the very end of the tour I got to start of yellow convertible with a black soft-top and black interior for the very first time. The odometer read '0'....I can't begin to tell you how excited and thrilled I was. To me, this was like a dream come true.

As the tour ended, we were driven around to the back of the plant and shown the test track where random samplings of cars were driven to find any defects. Needless to say, if any thing wrong was discovered, the cars were returned to the work shop that was part of the plant and repaired immediately. From there we went back to the museum where we were given a guided tour of all the exhibits.

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At the end of the Tail of the Dragon--what a ride!

Finally, we arrived back at our cars and the real fun began. Ron sat with me in my car and explained each and every little detail about the car. At the same time, Larry was going through the same routine with Mike in his car. After the detailed explanation, we went into the office and finished all the necessary paperwork and I was given copies of the documents and all the related material that goes with the new car. I was shown the work shop in the museum where all the prep work was done to clean and polish the cars for delivery.

Ron said the time had arrived for actual delivery and we got into my car with him driving. He very slowly drove the car out of the museum around to the front of the museum and we took more picture. While he went into develop them, I began to put our things in the trunk of the car. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the trunk and even more surprised that everything fit with room to spare. As I was putting my stuff in the trunk, Mike's car, with Larry driving, pulled up behind mine in front of the museum. By now the sun had come out and the roads were dry. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather, it was not too hot and with the sun out I was thinking of putting the top down. But, we decided against that for the first couple of miles. One of the deciding factors was Mike's luggage. His wife had bought an extra bag along and he was having trouble fitting it in the truck space. Actually driving with the top up and being able to listen to all the new sounds of the car itself was not all bad.


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