Corvette Road Trip - A Tale of Two Friends and Many Corvettes

We follow "The Jersey Boys" on a road trip to pick up a pair of 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes in Bowling Green

Jimmy Moran Aug 3, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Mike outside the Midway Diner on the way to Carlisle.

A Fly in the Ointment
Each week on one of the forums on the internet a list of the options that are on constraint is published. We immediately noticed when the Siena interiors that we had ordered were now on the constraint list--meaning they were not available at the plant. What this meant was that the dealer could not put our orders into the GM system until the constraint was lifted and the interiors were available. Mike and I immediately called Schumacher to find out exactly what this meant. We were informed that our cars could not be ordered until the constraint was lifted by GM. Our next call was to Detroit. We were informed that the new interiors would not be put into production until August 1st. We were told that once the constraint was lifted, our contact in Detroit would reprioritize our orders so that we could get the first Corvette convertibles built with the new Siena interiors that would be offered to the public. Now, with our fingers crossed, we started the waiting game. Each Thursday morning we checked the internet for the latest list of options on the constraint list. As soon as the interiors were available, Schumacher would be called to enter the orders and once we obtained the order numbers, we would then contact Detroit.

During the last week of July things started to heat up. One of the dealers posted a comment on the Corvette Forum that GM was going to build 15 Corvettes with the 4LT interiors as "pilot" cars. I immediately call our contact in Detroit and asked if we could be part of the pilot program. He stated that they were strictly for GM employees to test. A day or two later (August 1st) there was another posting on the forum stating that GM had given the go ahead to begin building the 4LT packages and they would be accepting orders.

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Its dinnertime at the Cracker Barrel.

On August 2nd we contact Schumacher and asked them to get an update from their Zone office to verify that orders were being accepted for the interiors we wanted. Still no luck.

On August 22 things began to happen. There was a notice posted on the Corvette Forum that stated a decision would be made the next day (August 23rd) regarding a go or no-go on the 4LT (Siena) interiors. I contacted the person that posted the notice and asked him how good his source was....he said "you can bank on it". The next day a 'go' decision was posted on the forum. Mike and I decided the next course of action was to contact our Detroit person to verify this good news and to get our cars re-prioritized to the first production day for the 4LT interiors.

We contacted Detroit and it was confirmed that the 'go' decision had been given. We immediately called Stephen at Schumacher to see if he could get us the two allocations and he said he would work on it. In the meantime I contact Detroit again and asked if he could move us up to the top of the list. He not only put our cars first but provided us with the allocations we needed.....this was getting exciting! Based on this news, Schumacher does not have to do anything except get paid for the cars and handle all the paperwork.

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The Corvette Coral at Carlisle.

It now appears that our cars will be manufactured on September 17th and we should be able to pick them up by the end of September.

Carlisle Time
After receiving all the good news what could be better--a day at Corvettes at Carlisle...that's what!!! Friday, August 24th and it's time to get out of bed at 4:30 AM for our yearly trip to the Corvette Heaven in PA. When I left the house around 5 AM it was cloudy and foggy. The trip up the Garden State Parkway was fine with very little traffic. Arrived at Mike's house about 6:15 and Mike and John were just walking out of their houses when I arrived (they live across the street from each other). Parked the car in John's driveway as Gene pulled up and we all jumped in John's truck and away we went.


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