Corvette Road Trip - A Tale of Two Friends and Many Corvettes

We follow "The Jersey Boys" on a road trip to pick up a pair of 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes in Bowling Green

Jimmy Moran Aug 3, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Tadge answering our tech questions.

Not sure Mike like being called Paddles...but it was good for a laugh. The term "twins" did stick and I have a feeling as long as we have these cars, we will all be calling them the "Twins".

By the time the trip ended I had put 1318 miles on the Corvette and averaged 24.8 miles per gallon. That was totals from the time I left the National Corvette Museum with 4 miles on the car until I pulled into my driveway. It had been a terrific experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone buying a Corvette. What made this even more special was the fact that I could do it with a best pal and fellow Corvette lover.

Just the Beginning
Would this be the end of the story? Not by a long shot! After we arrived home and had a couple of days to really spend time with the cars and clean them all up from the week long trip, we had to bring them back to Schumacher Chevrolet. The two people we had been dealing with, Judy Schumacher Tilton and Stephen Tilton were delighted to see us and readily agreed to some pictures.

Final Chapter
The following spring we decided to attend the C5/C6 Bash to see if the 2009 Corvettes would be changed much. We decided to drive my car to Bowling Green even thought it was a long drive for one day. Mike arrived at my house around 6AM and left his car in my driveway and away we went in my "twin". It was about 13 hours later that we arrived in Bowling Green.

Early the next morning, Friday, we got up early and drove over to the museum. After we registered, we looked up Lori to see if she remembered soon as she saw us she called out "The Jersey Boys are back". The name "Jersey Boys" has stuck. Since Mike and I are always together at Corvette events, people have started to recognize us and even thought they probably don't remember our names--they remember "The Jersey Boys".

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It's The Jersey Boys stone at the NCM.

We were lucky enough to meet Will Cooksey, the retiring plant manager and new head of the museum. He asked us for any ideas we might have on making the museum delivery a better experience. We told him we were at Carlisle and watched him 'burn' a tire off of a new Vette...we had some pictures of it that we sent to him.

We also met Tadge Juechter, who is not only a great engineer, really nice person, but a major Corvette player. You can tell as soon as he begins talking just how much he loves these cars. He took time and answered all our questions with an in-depth knowledge of the entire car. It was a real treat for us to be able to spend some time with this type of person that all of us in the Corvette world respect as very special.

Everyone we met was interested in how we liked the cars after having driven them several months.....and having been familiar with every generation Corvette. Our answer has been consistent--OUTSTANDING!!!!

Thanks to Many
There are many people we need to thank for making this entire experience possible:

* First and most important are our wives for putting up with our 'Corvette Stuff' all these years.
* Judy and Stephen at Schumacher Chevrolet for sharing in our excitement every step of the way and becoming our Corvette Friends.
* Our contact in Detroit, whose name I will not name, but he knows who he is and we can't thank him enough for getting us these terrific cars.
* All the wonderful people at the National Corvette Museum, especially Lori Bischler, Ron Butlow, and Larry McCool for sharing their knowledge about the cars and the entire delivery process.
* And last but not least, all those great people that work in the Bowling Green Assembly plant for making one hell of an automobile!!!

Mike and I can't THANK YOU all enough for this once in a lifetime least until the C7s are available when we may have to do it again!!!




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