Corvette Fever YearOne Shootout - Got It? Show It... Run It!

The Corvette Fever Yearone Shootout

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Got Boost? Under the hood of Clark's '00 Vette is a modified LS1 engine wearing a D1 ProCharger that puts out up to 15 pounds of boost--enough to spin the dyno gauges into the 700 range for both horsepower and torque. Clark's best run of the day was 10.14 seconds at 137 mph.

Then it was time to hit the road and show what they could do, as they each had to survive the cruise route that was made up of public roads and their attendant traffic, signals, civilian-vehicle drivers, wind-blown bugs, road tar, and other hazards (that may have also included tourists with cheap GPS navigation units flashing the reassuring message "You're lost--go read a map!").

The heavy rains that swept through Atlanta and North Georgia the night before were gone by the time everyone arrived on the morning of the Shootout, and the roads on the cruise route were fairly dry. There was also no road construction of the emergency or long-planned kinds. The previous night's rainfall played havoc on the Atlanta Dragway's racing surface, washing away a layer of freshly applied VHT before the participants could make a run on it. Still, the track was in decent shape for both the round-robin quarter-mile runs and the make-against-make rounds set for the afternoon.

How'd our two C5s do? Joe Underwood's '99 ran a best of 11.20 seconds, solidifying his win for this Shootout that included a $250 gift certificate from YearOne. Joe says that times in the nines would have been possible had the newly installed Nitrous Express nitrous-oxide injection system been properly dialed in. At least Joe was able to drive home after the on-track session, something that Robbie Clark couldn't do with his red '00 droptop. Robbie made a quick 10.17/137-mph pass without the juice, and it was the best run he would do that day. As he launched on one of the round-robin runs (before he had the chance to add a spray of nitrous to his Vette's fuel stream), the rear axle gave up the ghost, and that ended his day early. Robbie was able to claim the Corvette Fever Best E.T. award of the Shootout, which also included a $250 gift certificate from YearOne.




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