The New Corvettes At Carlisle Auction - Lance Miller Interview

Lance Miller speaks frankly on the progression of Corvettes at Carlisle

Tom Benford Aug 21, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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CF: regarding the costs involved for buyers and sellers-are there any economic advantages to be had?

LM: We intend to keep the costs and percentages consistent with what they've been in the past, and pretty much stick with our guidelines. If you go to the Carlisle Auctions web site and click on the Auction Fees selection under the Details and Map drop-down menu, you can get an idea of the fees and commission structures; those will be the rates that we'll carry-over for the Corvette auction.

CF: Is there anything else new and exciting that people should know about?

LM: Yes, definitely. Everyone knows where the Mecum auctions at Corvettes at Carlisle were always held, but this year we're moving it to the Carlisle Expo Center-a brand-new facility for Corvette people. We haven't done anything in the Expo Center at this point in time, so it will be all new for Corvettes at Carlisle, and it's right outside Gate 3. It's all going to be indoors rather than under a tent. Bidders and sellers both get passes, and we will have food and drinks throughout the entire auction, so that's a nice perk as well.

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CF: Is it safe to assume there will be ample parking and prep room at the Expo Center for people trailering in cars to sell at auction?

LM: Absolutely. Obviously, we're prepared for that because of our spring and fall shows, so it's something that comes naturally to us. Fortunately, it's been working out very well, so we're looking forward to implementing this for the Corvettes as well. Some of our key buyers and sellers that already come to Corvettes at Carlisle have been really wanting us to do this, so it's really going to be a great time. I'm looking forward to seeing how it's all going to go down.

CF: Care to look into your crystal ball and predict how many Corvettes will be on the block?

LM: Oh, boy, this is going to be fun! I think what we're going to do is just try to get through this first year now. Seriously, I think we'll see 150 cars that, I feel, isn't out of the ordinary. We just want to get people used to the new venue-where it's going to be-and just get our crew through it. once again, it's last-minute, and that's something we recognize, so it's something we just have to push through and get done.

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CF: Will the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation Auction still be held on the fairgrounds, or is that moving to the Expo Center as well?

LM: This year, I'm actually going to pull the live auction for the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation because I don't want to put that much pressure on the guys that are getting prepared for their first Corvette auction, but we may re-implement it next year. We are going to do a silent auction for the Foundation, however, in the hospitality tent.

CF: I think that pretty well covers it. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

LM: Just come on out to Corvettes at Carlisle and see for yourself!

You can find out more information about being a consignor or bidder by visiting the web site,, or by calling Dennis Baish, the auction manager, at (717) 243-7855 ext. 167, or e-mailing


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