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Mid America Motorworks Holds The Largest Corvette Show Ever

Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan was elated with the team's performance under pressure. "Today we had to rely heavily on the experience of the entire team-the drivers, the crew and the engineers," he said. "It was obvious that we were unable to chase down the Saleen; the cars had virtually identical speed. When that happens, you have to race hard and count on every person on the team-and that's exactly what happened today."

Department Of Corrections
In the Oct. '05 issue, there were a number of errors in our "Happy Birthday Block Party" article. We thank everyone for bringing the following mistakes to our attention.

* The L82 engine appeared in 1973, not 1975.

* The Cross-Fire injection engine was new for 1982, not 1984.

* The 1985 TPI engine was not an L82, it was the L98.

* The 1997 LS1 engine is technically a 346-cubic-inch engine (stated as a 350) and was incorrectly labeled with 245 horsepower in the heading. In the story, the horsepower was correctly stated at 345.

* The photos for the LS1 and the LS6 engines were reversed.

* The LS2 6L engine does not equate to 350 cubic inches, it should have read 366 cubic inches.

* Monty Hall's Collector Edition Corvette was referred to as a Silver Anniversary Edition.

Royal Purple-Corvette Fever Trivia QuizThis month, Corvette Fever is continuing the new Royal Purple-Corvette Fever Trivia Quiz. The Royal Purple Trivia question will be featured in each issue of Corvette Fever and at www.corvettefever.com. Readers can answer via e-mail or regular mail. Those who answer correctly will be part of a drawing for a $200 gift certificate from Royal Purple. The winner of the contest will be featured in the next issue of Corvette Fever.

Enter the Royal Purple Trivia Quiz by answering the question and filling out the required information online, or by sending the answer on a 3x5 card with your name, address, phone number, and date of birth. See Rules on page 89.

This month's Royal Purple-Corvette Fever Trivia Quiz question is:

How many '89 ZR1 Corvettes were built for testing and evaluation?

Send your written entry form to:Royal Purple Trivia QuizCorvette Fever Magazine9036 Brittany WayTampa, FL 33619Or answer online at:www.corvettefever.com

We have our first winner in our Royal Purple-Corvette Fever Trivia Quiz. The December question was: What color were the original spark-plug wires on the L88 Corvettes? The correct answer was red, and Scott Royer of Troy, Ohio, answered correctly.

Congratulations Scott!


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