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Gold Field Chevrolet Corvette Event

Giant Corvette Display

Jul 1, 2004
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Imagine driving with thousands of Corvettes heading toward Bloomington Gold and the excitement of turning into the new main entrance of Pheasant Run Resort. The friendly Gold Shirt associates will greet ALL Corvettes and guide you to the most serene and picturesque setting imaginable: a beautiful 18-hole golf course. Dust off the 35mm or bring that new digital camera and start shooting. Every year, color, and optioned Corvette will be on display with you. This will be one of the largest and most distinctive displays of Corvettes in the country, where you and your Corvette will be the stars of the show. Don't be surprised when many of the thousands of spectators come up to you and ask, "How do I get to do this?"

Gold Field Features* Drive a Corvette to the GoldField and get in for less money than the general public.

* Buy a Four-Day Pass and avoid stopping to pay at the gate. Use the Express Lane (drive from the front gate to your parking space without delay).

* Plus, GoldField Corvettes are automatically registered for the GoldTour at no charge.

You may register for one day or get a better deal and come for all four days. Display your Corvette at Show Center on the golf course or leave it as you wander through the rest of the show. No pressure. No schedule.

(We ask that you not bring any type of tent, awning, canopy, etc. on the GoldField so wind won't blow it into another Corvette and damage it.)

Gold Invitation(tm)Callaway ReunionCallaway Corvettes will be featured outside the Special Collection in addition to Special Collection XX. Callaway drivers who register for the GoldField have the opportunity to reunite these special high-performance Corvettes. Registration includes GoldTour.

Inquires: Dick Valentine, (309) 734-8009 after 5 p.m. or

Registration: Register for the GoldField and indicate that you are driving a Callaway.$15 One-Day Admission: One person and Corvette.$40 Four-Day Admission: One person and Corvette with "Express" entry.

Corvette clubs or groups, please call for reservations and arrival instructions.

Don't forget, the next step after stardom is driving in America's legendary Bloomington Gold road tour-the GoldTour.

Inquiries: Dick Valentine, (309) 734-8009 after 5 p.m. or

Registration: $15 includes One-Day Pass for one person and a Corvette.$40 includes Four-Day Pass for one person and a Corvette with "Express" entry.

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