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Bloomington Gold Market Corvette Show Vendors - Gold Market(TM)

Corvette Exhibitors And Vendors

Jul 1, 2004
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This is the place to buy or sell everything from air boxes for a '57, Redlines for a '67, a shifter for a '77, carpets for an '87, wheels for a '97, or a sketch of a 2007. This is the swap meet that launched the entire Corvette movement in 1973. Some of those original vendors have returned every year since. In 2004, we are expanding the promotion and attention of the GoldMarket.

The new, improved Corvette entrance to the Bloomington Gold show at Pheasant Run should make for an exciting beginning for the exhibitors and general public visiting the GoldMarket. The goal of Bloomington Gold 2004 is to refocus on Corvettes, bringing together, once again, Corvette owners from all over the world and showing it all off to an enthusiastic public. That's why we will require our exhibitors to be focused on the Corvette. No lawn ornaments. No pots 'n pans. Come on-it's a Corvette show!

For 2004, all Corvettes will enter the show through the main gate on North Avenue. They will then turn left and enter the beginning of a Corvette wonderland, passing immediately by the exhibitor area as they make their way onto the golf course-the GoldField. The Corvette parking area isn't your ordinary parking area, but rather a sea of spectacular Corvettes. Once on the golf course, the Corvettes are truly the "Gold on the Green."

To dramatically increase foot traffic, we will route the vast majority of the general public through the awesome main gate via North Avenue where all will be strolling though the GoldMarket to begin their Bloomington Gold 2004 experience.

The GoldMine, offering Corvettes for sale, will be relocated immediately north of the GoldMarket and will also draw people into the area of the GoldMarket.

Indoor spaces, tent areas, outdoor, and limited golf course locations are available for Corvette vendors and exhibitors.

Inquiries: Ed Saari, (309) 530-9235 or

Registration:Starting at $85 on a space-available basis.Please inquire about space availabilities for size, locations, and prices.

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