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Bloomington Gold Chevrolet Corvette Event - Welcome To Bloomington Gold

Jul 1, 2004
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Bloomington Gold has been the Corvette benchmark for over 30 years. More than an event, Bloomington Gold is a complete package of entertainment, sales, education, and the most sought-after recognition awards in the Corvette hobby.

EntertainmentWhen it comes to Corvette entertainment, you'll find the GoldField: the centerpiece of Bloomington Gold. Set on the beautiful Pheasant Run golf course, every Corvette and every Corvette owner is encouraged to participate. Casual and passionate Corvette owners can share the Corvette experience as they park by the thousands on the green.

Every entry will have the opportunity to take part, at no additional cost, in the GoldTour-a driving celebration of America's greatest sports car.

As the '54 Corvette celebrates its 50th anniversary, Bloomington Gold celebrates this milestone with the GoldYear. GoldYear will feature 1954s and contrast them alongside 2004 Corvettes. Fittingly, the '54s will lead the GoldTour.

The Bloomington Gold Special Collection XX celebrates Reeves Callaway's creations, while at the same time the GoldInvitation will be the largest reunion ever of Callaway Corvettes. In true Bloomington Gold fashion, the institution of the Hall of Fame will recognize the most significant Corvettes as that exclusive list of Corvettes continues to grow.

Cars & PartsThe swap meet has been the heart of Bloomington Gold since day one. From the vendors who sold out of the trunks of their cars have evolved exhibitors who now operate multimillion-dollar niche Corvette businesses in multinational markets. The GoldMarket, found at the center of Bloomington Gold, is the crossroads of the event.

Buying or selling a Corvette? This year, Bloomington Gold positions the GoldMine with easy access to North Avenue/Illinois SR 64. This offers buyers the opportunity to conveniently test-drive their dream Corvette. The GoldRush, Mecum Auctions' world-class Corvette auction, will again spotlight America's rarest and most expensive Corvettes.

EducationOwning, restoring, maintaining and enhancing Corvettes offer the greatest challenge and satisfaction of Bloomington Gold. The GoldSchool, a series of educational seminars, offers a hands-on way for Corvette enthusiasts to learn from top experts in the Corvette universe. Courses will cover the specific topics of preparation, preservation and maintenance, restoration, documentation, and certification.

Certification & JudgingOther national organizations have copied the judging criteria verbatim and tried to duplicate the Bloomington Gold formula; however, that formula is not quite as simple as it may appear. Our judges are pre-screened for their knowledge of not just Corvettes and our system, but also for their down-to-earth personalities. It's easy to be a know-it-all. It's harder to not appear that way.

The three segments of the certification judging process-Gold Certification Judging, Survivor Judging and Benchmark Judging-remain the highest standards in collectible Corvettes, and Bloomington Gold is proud of the heritage these Corvettes represent and uphold in the collector community.

Bloomington Gold is often associated with words like:* Quality* Certification* High Standards* Organization* Friendliness* Innovation

We hope you'll also associate it with many wonderful memories in the years to come.David BurroughsChief Executive Officer

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