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Bloomington Gold Chevrolet Corvette Event Directions - Arriving At Bloomington Gold

Jul 1, 2004
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When you arrive at Pheasant Run, color-keyed signs will help you identify the entry gate into the area where you are to park for Bloomington Gold.

All Corvettes (whether registered for an event or not) will enter from North Avenue through the main entrance to Pheasant Run called the GoldGate. This entrance will lead all Corvettes to the GoldField where they will park on the beautiful golf course at show center. That's why it's called "Gold on the Green." GoldRush (auction) cars will enter the same way; however, they will be directed past the GoldField into the WhiteField near the giant white auction tent. Corvettes for sale by owner will be directed to the GoldMine once they have entered through the GoldGate but before they get to the GoldField.

General Public in non-Corvettes also enter off North Avenue, but through either the BlueGate (across from the Grand Entrance) or the RedGate (just east of Pheasant Run).

Trailers and Transports also need to enter at the BlueGate to park and unload their cars. Transports may purchase passes to park in limited access lots or park free in open access lots, both located within the BlueField. On Thursday, June 24, participants of the GoldSchool will enter through the BlueGate and park at the Hilton Garden Inn, across from Pheasant Run.

Vendors and Exhibitors may enter the GreenGate to the GoldMarket, but only before and after show hours. The Exhibitor and Staff Parking Lot is immediately adjacent to the GoldMarket and is entered through the RedGate just east of Pheasant Run.

Finally, guests staying at Pheasant Run and VIPs will enter through the PurpleGate at the corner of North Avenue and Kautz Road.

With this new emphasis on improved traffic flow, we hope your experience will be more convenient and hassle-free.

Location: Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. Located on North Avenue (Illinois State Route 64) three miles west of Illinois State Route 59.

From Chicago and points north: Take I-90 to 355 South to Route 64 West to St. Charles.

From Chicago and points south: Take I-88 West to 355 North to Route 64 West to St. Charles.

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