Mid-Year Dyno Duke-Out - Dyno Might

Find How Much Power Your Corvette Really Has, And Have Fun At The Same Time

Isaac Martin Apr 15, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0402_01_z Mid_year_dyno_day C2_corvette 2/2

Yes, my engine cranks out 425 hp."

"My Corvette is a numbers-matching LT1, which was rated at 375 horses."

Socializing at a Corvette club meeting, how many times have you heard-or made-statements like that? For decades, Corvette enthusiasts were stuck with factory horsepower figures, making random guesses as to the true power output. But the real key is how much power is actually delivered to the wheels, the true determiner of performance.

Now, with the widespread availability of chassis dynos, you can easily measure your car's power output, and, as we observed, make it an enjoyable gathering for your Corvette club. A dyno event is a perfect excuse to hop into your Corvette and drive to the test location; plus, the testing answers the mystery question: How much rear-wheel power do I really make?

The dyno testing took place at Superior Automotive in Downey, California, using its in-ground Dynojet chassis dyno. Superior's dyno expertise is backed by three decades of performance experience. So, not only can they test, they also have the expertise to execute mechanical work in order to pump up your power numbers.

Enjoy the images of some of the cars that were present, and peruse the dyno results. If your club has a dyno duke-out, by all means go. You may not make the biggest gross score, but you'll enjoy the camaraderie while talking about and enjoying America's premier sports car.




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