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Our National and International Club Listing is New and Improved!

Complied by the Vette Magazine staff and the readers of Vette

Our club page on has seen a major overhaul. To make everything more user friendly and give our readers the best possible source for club listings and information. We've added some new pages, made the old one smaller, and made some links live so it's easier to check out the clubs we have listed. If your club's listing has changed, or you have a new club you'd like listed, drop us a line at Club Listings and we'll post it to our website as soon as possible. You can also mail us your club listing/updates. Send all correspondence related to clubs to: VETTE Magazine, Attn: Club Directory, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619

To submit your club info or have your club's listing updated click here:

Just click on the link below for the page that covers your area to find the closest group of Vette enthusiasts!

For U.S. Clubs Click Here

For National Organizations, Registries, and NCRS Chapters Click Here

For Internet Groups Click Here

For Canadian Clubs Click Here

For International Clubs Click Here




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