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Lingenfelter Performance Nationals - Drive Time

Norwalk, Ohio

Camp 1302 02 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals Motorsports 2/13

Show ponies are yesterday's old news. These days, driving events are what's hip, and companies that churn out go-fast goodies are really diggin' the trend. One such company is Lingenfelter Performance. To give their customers a chance to blow off steam, and melt some tires, they decided to host the Lingenfelter Performance Nationals. Held at Summit Motorsports Park, near Norwalk, Ohio, it had something for everyone. For the 1320 crowd there was smokin' hot drag racing action, and for the rest there was a challenging autocross course, car show, and a cruise though the countryside. This was also the last chance for someone to qualify for Optima Battery's Ultimate Street Car Invitational, so a lot was at stake.

01 Lingenfelter Performance flogged their brand-new-off-the-truck COPO at the event. Powered by a 327 LSX (5.3L) topped with a Whipple blower, it ran a record-breaking 8.64 at 159 mph!

Camp 1302 01 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals Chevrolet 3/13

02 A supercharged factory 327 engine? Yeah, we will eventually look back at these as the good old days.

Camp 1302 03 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals Supercharged 327 4/13

03 Ray Litz hit it hard in his turbocharged, LS-powered fourth-gen!

Camp 1302 04 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals Turbocharged Fourth 5/13

04 Bob Bertelsen brought out his show-car-caliber ’71 Camaro for some turning and burning action at the event. In the autocross he placed Seventh with a 35.10-second run, and he knocked down an 11.984 e.t. on the dragstrip.

Camp 1302 05 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals 1971 6/13

05 This ride is super cool. Lingenfelter’s ’10 Camaro is powered by a large-bore 358 with a single 76mm turbo. It also runs their new flat-plane crank that makes the Camaro sound like an Indy car. The result is it ran the fastest time ever recorded in NMCA Real Street, 8.31 at 169 mph!

Camp 1302 06 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals 2010 7/13

06 Nice to see third-gens represented as well!

Camp 1302 07 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals Third Gen 8/13

07 All weekend long, Todd Rumpke beat the snot out Bruce Raymond's ’10 Camaro. With a 12.897 pass on the dragstrip and a best run of 34.678 seconds on the autocross, he finished Ninth overall in the Shootout.

Camp 1302 08 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals Chevrolet 9/13

08 Ohio resident Larry Woo brought this sweet ’68 SS Camaro to spend the weekend dodging cones. The car was on race tires so he was relegated to exhibition only status.

Camp 1302 09 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals 1968 SS 10/13

09 Buddy Buchanan brought his ’95 Z28 all the way from Virginia for a little track fun. The early fourth-gen ran 12.889 at the dragstrip and 40 seconds flat on the autocross.

Camp 1302 10 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals 1995 Camaro 11/13

10 Bill Lutz rocketed his ’69 to an eighth-mile 4.552 at 171.47 mph in the Pro Mod Shootout.

Camp 1302 11 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals 1969 12/13

11 Michigan resident Warren Smith battled through the ladder all the way to the final round in his ’68 Camaro. In that final race he posted an 8.892 (150.23 mph) against his 8.88 dial in. Good, but he was just edged out by Matt Dadas who ran a 10.052 against his 10.04 dial-in.

Camp 1302 12 O Lingenfelter Performance Nationals 1968 Chevrolet 13/13



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