3rd Annual Holley LS Fest - Flexing Some LS Muscle

The Third Annual Holley LS Fest Was All That

Robert Littlefield was running his recently completed ’69 hard all weekend and kept improving his times. The car features a complete CA Chassisworks suspension. His best autocross time was 44.75, while he managed a best Speed Stop run of 9.45 seconds.

Camp 1301 14 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_robert 2/56

DSE’s Stacy Tucker beat the ever-lovin’ tar our of her ’69 all weekend. In fact, we don’t remember seeing the car anywhere else other than on the track or queued up waiting to run in one of the events. Her fastest lap on the autocross was 44.03 seconds, and in the Speed Stop her Camaro made the run in 9.46 seconds.

Camp 1301 15 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_stacy 3/56
Camp 1301 34 O_3rd Annual LS Fest_stacy Tucker 4/56

Don’t let the V-6 nose on this fifth-gen fool you – it’s stupid fast. How fast? Well, John Ebert nailed the top speed in the LSX Real Street category with a 164.25-mph run.

Camp 1301 16 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_john 8/56

Everyone perked up when Daren Poole Adams’ fifth-gen COPO factory drag car pulled into to the beams. This ride was still bone stock, just as it was delivered from GM. It even had the new-car smell going on. On its first pass it laid down a 9.680 e.t. at 140.63 mph, which is pretty damn impressive.

Camp 1301 17 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_daren Poole 9/56

There was a little rain on Saturday morning, but once it cleared, the crowds flooded in to check out the cars, vendors, and racing. In addition to the drag and autocross action, there was a dyno shootout, LS engine swap competition, car show, and even a drifting shootout. The only thing not on the schedule was getting bored.

Camp 1301 18 O_3rd Annual Holley LS 10/56
Camp 1301 35 O_3rd Annual LS Fest_holley Tent 11/56

This show-car quality race car started out as a GM body in white. Greg Delaney ran hard and it paid off with a big win in the LSX All-Motor class. His winning pass was 8.372 seconds at 160.16 mph.

Camp 1301 19 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_greg 15/56

Ray Bulach launched hard and ended up winning the LSX Rumble class with a best pass of 9.641 seconds at 144.240 mph.

Camp 1301 20 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_ray 16/56

DSE’s Kyle Tucker owned the autocross track all weekend. Early on he set the time to beat of 41.91 seconds and nobody was able to get close, let alone do better. In the Speed Stop Challenge he knocked down a 8.90-second run, which was better than many ABS-equipped cars. This combined with his drag race times gave him enough points to nab the Number Two spot in the Grand Champion competition.

Camp 1301 21 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_kyle 17/56

Brian Finch didn’t win any of the individual events, but he did well in all of them. He placed Third in the autocross (42.74), Sixth in the Speed Stop Challenge (8.74) and, thanks to a shot of nitrous, he had the third quickest drag race time. Added together it was just enough to edge out Kyle Tucker for the overall Grand Champion win.

Camp 1301 22 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_brian 18/56
Camp 1301 36 O_3rd Annual LS Fest_brian Finch 19/56

If fifth-gens are racing, then chances are you’ll find Shawn Calabrese burning up the asphalt. This weekend, all the practice paid off and he took the Number One spot in the 5th-Gen Camaro Challenge with a final run of 9.641 at 144.24 mph.

Camp 1301 23 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_shawn 20/56

Licata squeaked into the “Top Five” autocross shootout where each driver was given three laps to improve his standing. In the end, Licata was able to move up a notch to Fourth place. The final four were all Camaros, with the finishing order for the shootout being: Kyle Tucker, Britt Marolf, Brian Finch, and our very own Nick Licata.

Camp 1301 24 O_3rd Annual Holley LS Fest_top Five Autocross 21/56




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