Inaugural Chevy High Performance Nationals Atlanta - Rollin’ In Hotlanta

Camaros Represent Big Time at the Inaugural Chevy High Performance Nationals in Atlanta

CAMP 121000 NATS 01 2/18

Brad “The Dragon” Grainger brought out his supercharged ’67 for some autocross action. After learning the course, he knocked down a best lap of 30.012 seconds.

The key to this gig is making lemonade out of lemons. Our sister publication asked us to help out with a new event they put on called the Chevy High Performance Nationals in Atlanta. Since we knew the guys over at CHP throw a heck of a party, we were happy to lend a hand, and a lens, to the cause. Once we saw all the tasty Camaros in attendance, we also decided to snap a few pictures for our own pages.

Camp 1210 17 Z Chevy High Performance Nationals Atlanta 3/18

The CHP Nationals is a Promedia-ran event, and as it turned out, there was a lot of pent up desire for drag racing in the greater Atlanta area. In addition to the multitude of 1,320-foot (and 660-foot) classes, there was a ton of stuff going on, including a manufacturer’s midway with over 50 vendors showing off their wares, a big show ’n’ shine, and a good-sized autocross course. The event also included the LSX Challenge Series where the baddest LS-powered cars in the country battled it out on the dragstrip and also featured a True Street Competition.




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