2nd Annual Run to the Coast - Exhibition Of Speed

It’s back to California for the Second Annual Run to the Coast

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We’re constantly surprised at how fast time flies. It’s seems like it was only a few months ago that we were attending the inaugural Run to the Coast event here in sunny Southern California, and all of a sudden it was time to do it again. Like last year, this orgy of muscle car mayhem was organized by a group of gearheads from back East. Bill Howell, Yancy Johns, and Danny Thomas worked their collective butts off so that us Left Coasters could enjoy a kick-ass event like the ones that have become almost commonplace east of the Rockies. In the keeping with the theme of “more is better,” this year’s run promised to be bigger and cooler than ever.

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Last year’s event was confined to just Saturday for the driving competitions with a short cruise on Sunday. Because it was only held on the one day, all 40 spots were sold out in a few hours. This year there were two days of track action, which allowed 80 cars to run. Even with all this added capacity, the available spots sold out in less than a day. It really warms our hearts to know that so many car nuts are getting into the act of driving their cars in addition to making them look great.

Like last year, there were three main driving competitions. The Detroit Speed Inc.–sponsored road course was shortened up a bit to accommodate the use of one of the strip’s hangars as a base of operations. The other two competitions were the Carbon Custom autocross and the Baer Speed Stop Challenge. Tire treadwear had to be 200 or higher, and the cars needed to pass a basic safety inspection. Points were awarded to the top finishers in each event. In addition, there was a 90-mile cruise on Friday that wound down the coast and through some rural twisties. Those that did the cruise picked up three bonus points in the competition, and in an event like this every point is important. The cruise ended at Spectre Performance in Ontario, California, where competitors were treated to some refreshments, a few chassis dyno pulls, and some friendly competition at the local indoor karting track. Later that night, Total Cost Involved (TCI) hosted a dinner for anyone interested in hanging out and talking cars. Put it all together, and it made for three days of automotive nirvana.

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Orange County Race Craft once again ran the road course and made sure everyone stayed safe. There was a bit of rain on Friday, which made the course damp on Saturday, but the weather held, and by Sunday the tracks were bone dry. The cars competing ran the gamut from big-buck Pro Touring cars to ones built on a shoestring budget. But they all had one thing in common: a love of cars and a desire to have fun improving their driving skills and seeing what their rides were capable of.

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