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The Hills of Nevada once again came alive with the sound of mechanical mayhem

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The Outcome

Camp 1105 08 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational 1969 Chevy 2/24

In the end, our predictions of a Mark Stielow sweep were found to be accurate. It was his day and he earned every bit of it. In the weeks prior to the event all Mark did was practice driving his 427 LS9-powered Camaro and fine-tune its systems. We heard that he stopped occasionally to eat, but that’s just a rumor. The combination of skill and a wicked-fast car couldn’t be overcome, and he won two of the three driving competitions. He only came in Second Place on the road course because the race-prepped and supercharged ’04 Z06, being driven by Steve Ruiz, was given a makeup lap and managed to squeak in a faster time. As for the other racers, even those who didn’t place still had a great time. And at the end of the day, there were smiles everywhere, tired ones, but you could tell that everyone wanted nothing more than to do it all again the next day. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait til next year when the baddest rides on the planet will once again battle to find out who is the best of best.

Top 10 Road Course Times
Name Vehicle Best Time
Steve Ruiz ’04 Z06 Vette 1:48.071
Mark Stielow ’69 Camaro 1:48.825
Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro 1:52.386
Brian Finch ’71 Camaro 1:54.899
Paul Arvid Blytt ’86 Trans Am 1:55.462
Bruce Cambern ’05 Ford GT 1:56.628
Kevin Kraack ’08 AMG C63 1:56.666
Jay Weir ’70 Nova 1:57.180
Carl Casanova ’68 Camaro 1:58.097
Billy Utley ’72 Nova 1:58.335
Top 10 Autocross Times:
Name Vehicle Best Time
Mark Stielow ’69 Camaro 39.359
Brian Nutter ’02 Z06 Vette 40.502
Bruce Cambern ’05 Ford GT 40.788
Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro 41.126
Brad Coomer ’68 Mustang 41.200
Brian Finch ’71 Camaro 41.605
Kyle Newman ’57 Chevy 41.780
Paul Arvid Blytt ’86 Trans Am 41.836
Carl Casanova ’68 Camaro 41.838
Jay Weir ’70 Nova 41.872
Top 10 Speed-Stop Times:
Name Vehicle Best Time
Mark Stielow ’69 Camaro 6.401
Paul Arvid Blytt ’86 Trans Am 6.421
Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro 6.430
Bruce Cambern ’05 Ford GT 6.492
Robert Strohmeyer ’67 GT500 6.596
Bret Voekel ’66 Chevelle 6.608
Mark Turner ’69 Camaro 6.634
Jason Plotke ’10 Cadillac 6.687
Josh Hart ’70 Mustang 6.702
Steven Rupp ’68 Camaro 6.750
Top 5 Finishers Style Category:
Name Vehicle Place
Jim & Mike Ring ’67 Mustang 1st
Brent Jarvis 65 Corvette 2nd
Josh Russell ’32 Ford 3rd
Chris Keinitz ’61 Mercedes 4th
Bob Bertelson ’72 Firebird 5th
Overall Winners:
Name Vehicle Place
Mark Stielow ’69 Camaro 1st
Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro 2nd
Bruce Cambern ’05 Ford GT 3rd
Paul Arvid Blytt ’86 Trans Am 4th
Jay Weir ’70 Nova 5th

Bad Penny Track Report

Camp 1105 12 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational Underhood 3/24

By Steven Rupp

This year we were once again running our Bad Penny ’68 Camaro at the Optima event. In the first year we took the win, but last year a dead power steering pump left us languishing in Fourth Place. This time we had a better car with a fresh 461-ci RHS LS engine. The car handled great in testing and I had been practicing my driving skills. Still, I knew the car was better than I was. In the end, I decided it was more important to just go out, have fun, and let the chips fall as they may.


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