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Camaros at the 2010 SEMA Show - Hot Topic

The Camaro Is Once Again The Talk Of The Town On The Automotive Aftermarket's Largest Stage-SEMA.

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The '09 SEMA Show could easily be considered as "the year of the Camaro." By sheer numbers alone, the Camaro was dominant to every other car make in attendance - late model or classic. And this year's event was not much different. So with the seemingly endless number of customized and performance upgraded Camaros lining the hundreds of rows inside the Las Vegas Convention Center halls and outside parking lots, we may be inclined to refer to the '10 SEMA Show as the [unofficial] year of the Camaro. And with the number of aftermarket companies stepping up with an endless supply of Camaro goodies, I say "Let's do it."

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As just mentioned, the aftermarket has recently shown its affection for our beloved fifth-generation muscle car, so we knew going in, there would be tons of new products adorning the plethora of '10 and '11 Camaros at the show. Body kits, horsepower adders, exhaust kits, sticker packages, suspension upgrades, and of course, literally boatloads of wheels were all on display for us Camaro enthusiasts to salivate over.

And if you think about it, all this attention is well deserved. Especially since the Camaro brethren didn't have much to talk about between 2003 and 2009. Well, there was plenty of talk about the return of the Camaro, but from concept to production taking what seemed like forever to come to fruition, watching grass grow may have been slightly more exciting. It also didn't help that Ford's latest Mustang was sucking up all the thunder during the Camaro's little "down time." It made sitting on the sidelines a whole lot tougher.

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So, when we showed up to the largest aftermarket party of 2010, it was more than refreshing to see the fifth-generation Camaro getting the respect it deserves.

With that said, it was also great to see GM play host in their usual massive booth and showcase some super cool performance concepts.

With no Z28 sightings at the '10 SEMA Show, we can only hope something shows up in early 2011-concept or production-we'll take it.



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