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LSX Shootout - Asphalt Jungle

We Head To St. Louis To Witness The Quickest LS-Powered Drag Racing On The Planet

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There's no arguing that GM's line of LS engines have swept through our hobby like a swarm of fat kids on a Krispy Kreme truck. This revolutionary GM engine makes mad power and the design makes it stupid-easy to stuff under the hood of almost anything. Just over three years ago, the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) noticed this skyrocketing popularity and held the inaugural LSX Shootout. It was a chance for LS-powered rides to throw down on the drag strip in a bracket racing frenzy of alloy engine goodness. Since then, the event has grown every year, and the introduction of the '10 Camaro meant this year's race would be bigger than ever.

Camp_1102_01_o Lsx_shootout Launch 2/26

Timed to coincide with the NMCA's World Finals in Madison (St. Louis), Illinois, this GM Performance Parts-sponsored event has over $50,000 in purse and prizes up for grabs. With a number of classes like drag radial, all motor, real street, true street, and rumble, there is something for everyone, the only requisite being that the entered car be powered by some sort of LS engine.

This year, we decided to get with the program and sponsor a class in this epic shootout where fifth-gens could fight it out. To detour super-fast Camaros from walking away with the big money, we decided to do it bracket style. This way, it would be more about driver skill than simply raw horsepower. Pick your dial-in time and then try to run as close to that time as possible without going faster and "breaking out." Theoretically, a bone-stock 14-second car still had a chance to grab the brass ring.

In addition to our Camaro Performers magazine-sponsored fifth-gen Camaro Challenge, there were a host of other classes, including one sponsored by our sister publication GM High Tech Performance, to find the fastest fifth-gen in the land. There was also a car show, vendor midway, and the obligatory exhibition and jet-powered cars. Add in all the super-fast non-LS cars, and the result was enough petrol-powered excitement to make any gearhead all tingly inside.



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