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Run Through The Hills - Parking Lot Drifter Freaks - Expanded for Web!

Camaros Mix With Open Asphalt For Three Days Of Driving Shenanigans.

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OK, it's no secret that we love flinging Camaros between, and sometimes over, small orange cones. To some of you it might seem like a bizarre way to treat our cars, but then chances are you haven't tried it ... yet. It's how you would like to drive on the street if all the cops took a day off. It's acting out a mini version of the chase scene from Bullitt, and it's fun. Best of all, it's safer than driving on your typical freeway and not terribly hard on your car. Given all that, what's not to love?

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For the last six years the tourist Mecca known as Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has hosted a grassroots event called Run Through The Hills. Started by a group of locals who were tired of traditional car shows, RTTH weaves together several events into three days of driving bliss.

On Friday, there's a 100-mile cruise through the Smokey Mountains highlighted by 11 miles of corner carving on the famous Tail of the Dragon, also known as Highway 129. Saturday features autocross action and Sunday is set aside for eighth-mile drag racing and a speed stop challenge. Add in the chance to hang out with fellow gearheads and drool over some really cool rides, and it's easy to see why this event has grown every year since founder Bill Howell hosted the first one, which had just 11 attendees.

Best Autocross Times:
Name Vehicle Time
Kyle Tucker '70 Camaro 1:06.8
Brian Finch '71 Camaro 1.07.3
Mark Turner '69 Camaro 1:09.3
Bret Voelkel '66 Chevelle 1:09.4
Tom McBride '70 Fairlane 1:09.7

Best Drag Race Times:
Name Vehicle Time
Neil Stiedham '63 Nova 7.92
Ron Schwarz '66 Mustang 8.182
Scott Parkhurst '67 Chevelle 8.187
Brian Finch '71 Camaro 8.196
Mark Turner '69 Camaro 8.241
Tom McBride '70 Fairlane 8.341
Bret Voelkel '66 Chevelle 8.347

Best Reaction Times:
Name Vehicle Time
Kyle Tucker '70 Camaro 0.000
Tom McBride '70 Fairlane 0.012
Wayne Hameetman '70 Chevelle 0.013
Michael Tucker '68 Camaro 0.019
Ron Schwarz '66 Mustang 0.032

Best Speed Stop Challenge Times:
Name Vehicle Time
Ron Schwarz '66 Mustang 9.487
Brian Finch '71 Camaro 9.592
Mark Turner '69 Camaro 9.937
Terry Neuville '68 Camaro 9.946
Matt Altamore '69 Camaro 10.156
Tom McBride '70 Fairlane 10.257


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