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Las Vegas Super Chevy Show - Party Crashers

The Super Chevy Show Hits Las Vegas Hard, And Camaro Performers Couldn't Help But Join In On The Action.

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Catering to the Bow Tie faithful for three decades now, The Super Chevy Show kicked off its 30th anniversary season by bringing their legendary show to the entertainment capitol of the world: Las Vegas. With a 7-year hiatus from The Strip, it was the maiden voyage for the Super Chevy Show's latest ownership team. The new regime was welcomed into the town of bright lights with a bang as Las Vegas locals and Chevy enthusiasts from neighboring states showed their love for everything Chevrolet.

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Although the event featured the usual plethora of exciting Chevy drag racing classes, exhibition cars, and top-quality show cars, new to the Super Chevy Show this year was the autocross. Held in a remote section of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway parking lot, the Las Vegas SCCA, with the help of national autocross champion Mary Pozzi, set up their track timer cones on a very exciting course, which featured an array of tight corners, sweeping turns, a tricky Chicago Box, and fairly quick straights. Sponsored by Total Cost Involved, Wilwood Disc Brakes, and Currie Enterprises, Saturday's quickest times on the course were down in the 39-second zone, but by the second day of the event, the course got quicker, and so did the favorite going in-Pozzi. Pozzi showed the field that a low 37-second time was definitely in the cards. Driving the TCI '68 Camaro test car, she left the field in the dust and nothing on the table with a best run of 37.093 -well over a second quicker than her nearest competitor.

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The beauty of the autocross is that it's open to anyone who enters a car in the show. It's a great way for car owners to see what their hot rods are capable of, and to put their driving skills to the test in a controlled environment. Many first-timers on the autocross entered the Novice class in order to get a feel for what this sport is all about. This is a fun and competitive class that puts drivers of similar experience up against the clocks. But we have to warn you; this is a very addicting sport. We can almost guarantee that if you give it a try just once, you'll be back for more.

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Not all Super Chevy Shows feature an autocross, so check out for more information on the 2010 show schedule, and to see what's happening at an event near you.

As the popularity of autocross increases at car shows, and the desire to sit in a lawn chair diminishes, you can expect to see more interactive driving events included at many car shows-not just in the town commonly referred to as "Sin City."

Let's Drive! When we here at Camaro Performers heard that the Super Chevy magazine staff was putting together a drive to Las Vegas for the Super Chevy Show, our ears perked up, and we decided to take a few days to join in on the fun. The cruise started out at The Original Parts Group in Seal Beach, California, on Friday morning before the event. Cruise participants were treated to a tour of the massive facility before hitting the road. The large mix of cars included everything from vintage Chevelles and Tri-Fives, to late-model Corvettes and Camaros. The main purpose of the drive was to show that very few of us trailer our hot rods to events, but it also proved that with the right components, you can drive your car over 300 miles, beat on it all weekend, and drive back home without any problems. And it's not like we needed to take it easy on our latest project car, Black Betty, anyway. We treated our '01 Z28 to a host of suspension upgrades from Global West Suspension, along with a fresh set of New Gen wheels just one day before our trip across the desert. No worries though; Global West owner Doug Norrdin had our back, as he met up with us at the event and dialed in the suspension after each run on the autocross. Every turn of the QA1 double adjustable shocks Norrdin made, netted us quicker times on the course. We never tuned the car backward, so we're confident there's plenty more suspension tuning left in it.

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Tech editor Steven Rupp brought along the Camaro Performers magazine supercharged '10 project car to see how it would fare on the drive and to compete on the Super Chevy Show autocross course. Needless to say, the car did fantastic on the drive and managed to surprise quite a few people around the autocross as Rupp was able to get the burley late-model into the low 40-second zone by the second day of the event.

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With the first Super Chevy Show in the books, word has it there will be another cruise on tap for the final event of the year, as the show heads out west once more, this time to Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. We also hear they are planning on having an autocross at that event. If that's the case, we're there.

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