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2009 Goodguys Car Show - Pilgrimage

We Head East To Check Out Goodguys' Biggest Event Of The Year.

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For Muslims it's Mecca, and for Catholics it would be the Vatican, but for devout gearheads the yearly pilgrimage would have to be the Goodguys mega event in Columbus, Ohio. Each year thousands of hot rodders embark on the journey to the Ohio Expo Center for what is arguably one of the biggest shows in hot rodding, and 2009 was no exception. For one reason, it's the event where Goodguys crowns the Street Rod and Street Machine of the Year. Another reason is that it's where they give away a badass ride (this year was a Nova built by Precision Coachworks) to one lucky Goodguys member. For these, and many other factors, this has become a show that should be on every car enthusiast's bucket list.

Camp_0912_01 2009_goodguys_car_show Burnout 2/21

Did we mention this show is big? The good part is that it gives visitors a chance to check out nearly 6,500 very cool rides. The bad part is that space is at a premium so the autocross is only ran on Friday. This lets the Goodguys staff convert the track over to an additional 200 parking spaces for the very busy weekend. Oh well, we would certainly rather have one day of cone madness than none.

Our '68 Camaro happened to be in the area, so we drove it over from nerby Dayton, Ohio, for a little fun. Since the auto-x is ran just one day, only two groups could participate: Vendors' cars, and cars competing for the Street Machine Of The Year (SMOTY) award. Over 30 rides competed this year for the SMOTY, and as is typically the case, a large chunk of them were Camaros. Last year they added the rule that in order to be eligible for the award, entrants were required to run the autocross. The times don't count towards getting in the top five, but points for style and effort are factored in. After all, it would be hard to give top honors to someone who babied their ride around the simple course.

Camp_0912_02 2009_goodguys_car_show Heidts_1970_camaro 3/21

Saturday started out great, but that infamous Midwest weather kicked in and the event was deluged with rain for a few hours. Luckily none of the cars were actually made out of sugar (although some car owners act as if they are), and the precipitation eventually subsided. Last year, four of the top five cars were Camaros, but this year the final five was a bit more balanced, with a Ford, a Mopar, a Pontiac, and a couple Chevys in the mix. The top pick ended up being a completely off-the-hook '62 Corvette built by Roadster Shop.

Camp_0912_03 2009_goodguys_car_show 1970_chevy_camaro 4/21

Next year when we make our pilgrimage back east for this event, we'll be pulling for a Camaro to take the top spot.

Back In Black
In years past, Camaros vying for Street Machine of the Year consisted of a rainbow of colors with red being on top of the list. This year that all changed as if someone sent out a hobby-wide memo. Only three of the competing Camaros wore a hue other than black, and all the black cars shared one other tidbit: Bright silver rollers. Is this a new trend, or a strange cosmic coincidence? We'll let you decide.



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