Motor State Challenge Autocross Event - Motion Sickness

For Those With The Itch To Drive Their Camaros Hard, The Motor State Challenge Had Just What They Were Craving.

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Overall, the event went off with few problems. A huge storm blew through the area on Friday, but cleared in time for the cruise. Cars in the Time Trial group ran hard Saturday morning in an effort to get into the Top 15 for a run-off in the afternoon. Our '68 Camaro project, Bad Penny, was at the event and driving duties were shared between Steven Rupp and David Pozzi. David turned in a great qualifying lap, but the street pads couldn't take the abuse of us doing back-to-back sessions and the cooked brakes resulted in progressively slower lap times. Next time we'll take the time to swap to track pads capable of handling the higher temps.

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Kyle Tucker of DSE also suffered a setback when, after turning in one of the best qualifying times (1:36.40), an electrical problem cut short his run-off lap. A couple of cars ended up in the grass, but none of the off-track excursions resulted in any real damage. Nick Licata got to spend the weekend behind the wheel of our new '10 2SS Camaro project car. Considering it was bone stock, we were impressed with how well it did, both on the road course and the autocross.

Steve Chryssos, the event's Technical Director, summed it up well when he stated, "I think we were all universally blown away by the extraordinary show that was organized and run by Motor State Distributing. Sure, there were a few minor 'inaugural' hiccups, but looking back, the Motor State guys' efforts exceeded everyone's expectations. The result was truly a great hot rod event. No amount of pictures, words, or videos can effectively convey that message. Those who weren't there will never appreciate that fact. Those of us who were there might take it for granted, but when you think about how hard these cars were pushed and how well they performed, the Motor State Challenge should really be labeled as a milestone event."

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Also, while there's room for growth, attendance at the event was high with 55 cars on the cruise and road race (50 of them in the Time Trial class). A few cars were lost to mechanical failures, but 41 of them made it to the autocross on Sunday.

Plans are already underway for next year and the team is looking at ways to allow for more cars. All we know is that we're hooked and are already looking forward to the 2010 event. After all, it seems that the only cure for what ails us is more seat time.

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