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Camaro Car Show Event - Runnin' And Gunnin'

If You're Into Driving More Than Polishing, Then The Annual Run Through The Hills Event In Pigeon Forge, TN, Is Just For You.

Feb 17, 2009
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Car shows: There’s row after row of automotive art carefully posed and polished to perfection. It’s just like walking through a taxidermists shop; the animals are cool to look at, but it just seems somewhat unnatural. The right place to view our beloved Camaros is in motion, rolling over good ol’ asphalt. This driving trend is sweeping the hobby, and the popularity of events like the Hot Rod Power Tour and the Year One Experience keep ratcheting up.

Camp 0902 01 Camaro Car Show Event Camaro Lineup 2/29

Four years ago Bill Howell, owner of the website, his friend Steve Chryssos of Twist Machine, and Larry Callahan of decided to start their own driving-themed event. What evolved was the Run Through The Hills (RTTH) held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It takes place over a three-day-period and offers something for everyone.

Friday’s kick-off is a scenic cruise though the local Smokey Mountains, followed by a dinner get-together. Saturday is reserved for the most popular and pulse-raising event, the autocross, a twisting and turning course constructed of orange cones where drivers vie for the fastest lap times. On Sunday the action moves over to the local eighth-mile drag strip for some straight-line action. If none of this gets your heart rate up, then you can always go back to tire gel and lawn chairs.

Camp 0902 27 Camaro Car Show Event Drag Lights 3/29

In addition to awards for the fastest times at the autocross and drag strip, the organizers added an overall award dubbed “The King of the Hill.” Points are tallied from the two driving events, with additional credit awarded for the Friday night cruise. After all, these are supposed to be streetcars. This new overall prize added to the competitive yet friendly vibe of the event; still, the main point of this exciting three-day event was to scuff tires, burn gas, and have a blast.     

Life Made Cooler
Through Technology

So you’ve decided to put down the polishing rag, step away from the fruit-scented detail spray, and do some good old-fashioned track thrashing on your ride. The problem is the guys down at the local cruise night will never believe it when you tell them about how you threw your car around the track. Well, have we got the evidence gatherer for you! Meet the GoPro Hero digital camera. The standard version seen here offers a 54-degree lens and five megapixles of resolution goodness. With a 2-gig SD memory card (not supplied) we were able to get almost a full hour of high quality video. That’s a lot of track time.

Camp 0902 24 Camaro Car Show Event Gopro Hero Digital Camera 13/29

The 4.7-ounce camera can also be set to take a photo every two seconds for 64 minutes. Some quick work with a calculator puts that at 1,920 still shots. The motorsports version we picked up was about 180 bucks and included the suction cup mount and a bag full of various other mounting widgets. Recently GoPro has also released a new wide angle, 170-degree version that sells for under $200. At this event the camera worked flawlessly and the video was surprisingly good considering the price and size. It’s even waterproof. Just remember, if you’re recording something you shouldn’t be doing, video can be used in a court of law. To find out more visit

When all the points from the various events were tallied, there was an unlikely tie for the title of King of the Hill between Kyle Tucker and Vinnie Allegretta! The rules stipulate: in the event of a tie, the one with the quickest autocross lap is the winner. So congrats to Kyle for being named King, we hear it’s good to be one. Other winners were Bret Voelkel for the Quickest ET, Vinnie Allegretta for Peoples Choice, and Jake Parrott took home the Long Distance Award.

Camp 0902 23 Camaro Car Show Event Winners 14/29



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