BASF 1967 Camaro RS Among SEMA Highlights

This custom, carbon roof first-gen is among many awesome Chevys at the 2013 SEMA Show

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It can be really difficult to single particular cars out at the SEMA Show, but this 1967 Chevy Camaro RS was among our favorites. Located in the BASF booth, this '67 was built by Ultimate Auto, and showcases the company's Toothless Red waterborne paint. Though it certainly helped eliminate some of the stigma of these more Eco-friendly paints by producing an amazing final product, the overall design of the build is what really drew a crowd.

A BASF spokesperson said its "Italian supercar meets American muscle." The owner races Porsches, so it was crucial that the car had a European flare to the styling, along with the level of finishes and handling capability. With so many great suspension products from Detroit Speed already on the market, half the job was rather easy. However, the styling was a much different story. The interior was completely custom made, molded out of clay first and borrowing some elements from the fifth-gen Camaro. Meanwhile, the exterior uses aircraft grade carbon fiber on the roof (clear coated) and diffuser. The icing on the cake is the ruthless raw power of an LS9 crate engine.




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