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Atlanta Hot Rod Power Festival

Corvette Fever Joins The Family Of Emap Automotive Publications For The Hot Rod Power Festival At Atlanta Dragway

Andy Bolig Feb 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

Step By Step

Corvette Fever's sister publication, Hot Rod , had a party on October 7-8, and we were invited. We’d just installed a hot LT5 in a ZR-1 and thought we’d tote it up to the dragstrip in Commerce, Georgia, to participate in the festivities and run the car a few times to see what this new engine combination could do.

While the weather during the two-day event could be considered spectacular, the rain on the drive up to the event was more indicative of what was in store for our ZR-1. In short, the engine was ready but the computer went south. We made it only as far as the staging lanes when the car went into limp-home mode.

ZR-1 troubles aside, prime examples of Corvettes from every era ranging from Stock to Pro Stock were in attendance. Several enthusiasts commented that this year’s event was much bigger than last year’s and, as the word spreads, we expect to have even more Corvettes there next year.

It isn’t often we attend a show that includes other marques, but we enjoyed some great cars that our sister magazines have featured, and it was certainly out of the ordinary to see the editors from so many of our other titles all at the same show. If you missed this year’s event, it will come around again. Plans are already under way, with a tentative date of September 22-23, 2001. Call (323) 782-2830 for details.


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