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Rocky Mountain Majesties

The 29th Annual Vettes On The Rockies Ruled The High Country!

Rob Wallace III Dec 10, 2002

Even with so many awesome events kicking off Corvette's year-long Golden Anniversary celebration last summer, the 2002 Vettes on the Rockies was still not to be outdone. The guys and gals of Colorado's Looking Glass Corvette Association presented another winning weekend, and in its 29th year, their high-altitude whoopla (based in 9,000-foot elevation, Frisco) delivered plenty of fun and enough excitement to send hundreds of participants home with a smile.

From Thursday to Sunday, August 8th-11th, the resort town of Frisco and the surrounding communities of Summit County were swarmed by hundreds of Corvettes and their faithful disciples. The whole intent of "VOTR" is fun, and there were abundant opportunities for fun of all sorts. Although the dry spell in Colorado has been hard on the area, it did provide a weekend of absolutely perfect car show weather.

On top of three-plus days of driving (on the golf course as well as on the winding mountain roads), racing, showing, dining, and dancing, the fact that all this takes place in some of the most spectacular scenery in the land made VOTR 2002 a great weekend getaway for all.

Over 500 Corvettes came "up the hill" from miles around for the festivities, and enjoyed fun and friendly people, great cars, and numerous grin-provoking activities. VOTR's main sponsor, Purifoy Chevrolet, brought up several unique vehicles for display. Such Corvette VIPs as Wendell Strode, Director of the National Corvette Museum, and Jon Moss, GM's Manager of Specialty Cars, were also drawn up to Frisco, and Jon brought a selection of powerful toys from the General's concept car collection with him.

With another well-orchestrated weekend under the bridge, all eyes are now looking ahead to the 2003 Vettes on the Rockies, which will not only celebrate 50 years of Corvette, but also the 30th anniversary of VOTR. The event has outgrown the current locale and will be held in nearby Breckenridge next year, with organizers preparing for 1,000 cars. We can't wait!


Saturday's "Fun Run" road rally took participants on a 160-mile scenic tour of Colorado's backcountry. The trick was to decipher the cryptic instructions and answer obscure questions to earn points.

There were several check-in points along the way, including at Twin Lakes, where a photographer was on hand to snap each car's portrait.

Nearly a hundred Corvettes of all vintages and styles took part in the autocross on Friday in the Summit County High School parking lot.

Bill Garbe's Pearl White '53 replica was one of the most intriguing cars on the track. Under the repro skin is a modified '80 Vette chassis and a 400-cid small-block. It was quite a sight watching him take each corner sideways while never hitting one cone!

This 400-plus horsepower '75 Shark, owned by Mike Meyers (no, not "Austin Powers"), not only has a fuel-injected ZZ4 motor, but a finely tuned suspension as well. Mike cranked off some of the best times of the day, winning his class and harassing the Z06s!

Michelle Webster really leans her '60 through the corners!

The "Funkana" on Saturday was just that--Fun!

Each driver and passenger had to drive through a slalom of silly activities that included moving tennis balls from one cone to another, shooting darts at a target, a ring toss--all while racing against the clock!

Patty and Michael Bachtel cruised to the show in style in their beautiful 427/390hp '69 roadster.

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the "Show & Shine" on Sunday. The people of Frisco closed down Main Street for the show, which attracted over 500 Vettes and thousands of spectators. The red, white, and blue arrangement was part of the VOTR 2002 theme: Born in the U.S.A.

This custom '67 roadster owned by Michael and Jaunita Bocknak of Colorado is stunningly detailed, and lives up to its plate: "ICATCHR."

They also finagled one of the backup 50th Anniversary Indy 500 Pace Cars from Indianapolis Motor Speedway for display.

Rollie Purifoy of Purifoy Chevrolet and Jon Moss, head of GM Specialty Cars, brought an exciting collection of toys with them. Behind this show-version C5-R is Purifoy's '53-style '02 Z06 and GM's "Tiger Shark" concept car (VETTE's December 2001 cover car). More were on display all weekend under the tent at the Holiday Inn.

The lightly modified '01 Z06 of Leo and Debi Stopa looks almost predatory.


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