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28 Years of Gold

The 28th Bloomington Gold event was held June 22-25 at the Interstate Center in Bloomington, Illinois. This location is a wise choice because the main building provides refuge for spectators and exhibitors from the hot sun and the occasional shower.

Andy Bolig Nov 1, 2000

Step By Step

Bloomington: The best place to see Corvettes in the heartland.

The kids get involved as well.

How do you get three well-dressed men to lie in the mud? Bloomington judging!

Jim Campbell attended his last Corvette show as brand manager for the Corvette line. He will always be welcome, brand manager or not!

The For Women Only event, featuring a fashion show and a question answering session, was standing room only.

Corvette owners in search of Bloomington's Certification, Gold, and Benchmark Awards abounded at the 2000 show. Others came to purchase a Corvette, and many of them walked away successful--the Mecum Auction transferred ownership of $4.8 million worth of Corvettes during the weekend. Those who needed parts and pieces to bring their Corvettes to award-winning status were likely to find them here. Vendors' displays were filled with parts ranging from straight-axle project cars to the finishing touches for your current ride.

The Road Tour on Saturday night had nearly 1,000 Corvettes cruising the roads of the Midwest. The ladies had their own interesting activities--a fashion show and a question-and-answer session with Gordon Killebrew, both hosted by Sandy Rogers and the Corvette Club of America.

If you enjoy buying, selling, fixing, driving, or just plain talking about Corvettes, Bloomington was the place to be. For the 2001 show (June 21-24), there will be a new event: the Bloomington Gold Heritage Award. This award is designed to show a Corvette's contribution to the heritage of the Corvette hobby. Candidates for the Heritage Award would be significant racing Corvettes, styling cars, prototypes, or a Corvette that was owned by someone who contributed to the Corvette hobby. For more information about this new event, call the Bloomington Gold offices at (815) 568-1960.

Also new to the Bloomington events is the Mentoring Program, where young people between the ages of 15 and 22 who show interest and prowess for Corvette restoration will be given training with the regular judges and will have a member of the respective judging team as a mentor. The idea is to introduce and develop younger enthusiasts into the realm of the elite who can call themselves Bloomington Gold judges. For more information, contact Keith Majure at (318) 396-4790.

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