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Boosted Bow Ties of SEMA 2016 #TENSEMA16

There’s forced induction in Chevys all over the showroom floor of SEMA this year

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What do you do when you’re V8-powered Chevrolet makes decent power but you want more? Just add boost! Forced induction has been around for years in the world of aftermarket performance parts, but these days it’s getting easier and easier to turbocharge or supercharge an engine and that is quite apparent this year at SEMA.

2016 SEMA Boosted Bow Ties 002 2/45

In case you aren’t entirely familiar with the way turbos and superchargers work, here is a quick rundown. Turbochargers use the exhaust gas expelled by the engine, collecting that air and feeding it through the turbo’s compressor housing, spinning up the compressor wheel within. The air is then sent back through the intake and into the engine under pressure. On the contrary, superchargers use a belt connected to the crankshaft, utilizing the rotation of the engine to power the supercharger impeller. As the engine RPMs climb, the belt spins the supercharger faster and faster, increasing the boost level throughout the RPM range.

Now back to SEMA things. Forced induction here at SEMA comes in plenty of different shapes and sizes including single and twin-turbo systems from companies such as Garret and Borg Warner. We also saw lots of centrifugal and roots-style superchargers from companies like Whipple, Edlebrock, Magnuson, Pro Charger and Vortech. If engines with lots of horsepower are of interest to you, than this photo gallery of boosted bow ties is just for you.

2016 SEMA Boosted Bow Ties 003 3/45

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