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2016 Bloomington Gold C4 to C7 Corvettes Take the Stage

1984 to present day Corvettes are rounded up in their Bloomington Gold Corral

Brian Brennan Jun 27, 2016
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The 1984 Corvette began its public life in December of 1983 at the Chevrolet Corvette Long-Lead Press Program at Riverside International Raceway. During the conference the car was called a 1983 but because it met all of the Federal Safety etc. standards Chevrolet General Manager Robert Stemple told the motoring press that the ‘83s would be sold as a 1984 model. In in a stroke of a pen the 1983 was not to be but the 1984 began its public life in March of 1983 with a production run of 51,547 coupes (no convertibles) making it the second most prolific and the longest on-sale Vette to date. (Editor’s note: There were 13 of the “1983” Corvettes at the long-lead press program and these cars were amazing, for the time, to drive around Riverside Raceway approaching 130 mph down the back straight. Wouldn’t you like to have one of them now!)

The design didn’t seem to be as radical departure from what came before then say the 1963 to the 1962 but Detroit was beginning to get a handling on true handling and engine performance was coming back. It would still be a while but by the time the C5, and of course, the C6 came into being the Corvette was on a comeback trail of sorts and it wouldn’t be long before the name Corvette began to mean something in sports car racing here in the States and around the world.


Today’s C6 is a street car cable of competing very well, thank you at the track. It doesn’t take much (relatively speaking) turn one of these potent street machines into a viable race car. In its street trim and with its everyday domestic demeanor it can at the crack of the throttle be hurtled into next snapping acceleration and cornering g’s commensurate with the best the motoring world has to offer.

Take a look at what can be done, or not done, to the C4, C5 or the C6 by viewing the following offerings from the 2016 Bloomington Gold event held at the Indy race track.


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