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Top 5 New LT1 Parts from PRI Continue Chevy Small-block Legacy

Check out some killer new parts for the killer new small-block!

Evan Perkins Dec 11, 2015
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What do you do with the new LT1 engine in your Camaro or Corvette? Baby it? Let the warranty expire before seeking more performance? Well, if you have the hot rodder virus in your veins, there is a good chance you started tweaking on that virgin motor well before the odometer pegged 10,000 miles. We like your style! And, so do some of the awesome parts manufacturers here at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis. While cruising the show floor, we found some awesome new LT1-based performance parts for the horsepower fiend in us all. Check out our 5 favorites so far below. There’s still a lot more ground to cover at the biggest performance based show in the country so expect more cool stuff as we uncover it.

Callies Magnum Gen V LT1 Stroker crankshafts

001 Callies Lt1 Stroker Crank Lpr 2/6

Tearing into a brand new engine to build more cubic inches is nothing new to us with the gearhead affliction, but even we were surprised to hear how many LT1 Stroker cranks Callies has already sold. They’ve seen over 50 go out the door, and for an engine that’s only been on the road a short time, that’s pretty cool. Callies has crankshafts available in 4.00-, 4.125-, and 4.250-inch strokes. And we thought the 6.2-liter LT1 platform was potent before…

Chevrolet Performance LT1 6.2L Connect and Cruise Powertrain

002 LT1 Connect And Cruise Chevrolet Performance Lpr 3/6

You know the technology geeks that have to have the latest techy toy in their cell-phone pocket? We imagine that person exists in the automotive world too. And, if he or she is looking for the latest in technologically advanced crate engines, look no further than the LT1 connect and cruise package. The hottest item in the crate engine world, the LT1 connect and cruise offers a complete electronic package to put the uber-sophisticated gen V small-block into your vehicle of choice. Chevrolet Performance has taken care of the electronic legwork for you and includes a plug and play harness and all necessary sensors and ECUs to get you down the road. And, with 460-horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque on tap, it can do it in a hurry. The package can be paired with both manual and automatic transmissions, as well.

ERL Dry-Sleeved Short Block with 454ci Displacement Potential

003 ERL 454 Short Block LT1 Lpr 4/6

The guys at ERL have catered to the hardcore LS market since its emergence with their high-horsepower capable blocks and other LS-based parts. That trend of support has carried on with vigor into the new gen-V engines. This wild LT1 short-block, available from ERL, is available with a fully forged bottom end, ultra-stout dry cylinder sleeves, and can be built as big as 454ci. Let that settle in for a second – That’s four hundred and fifty-four cubic inches of Chevrolet’s latest and greatest small-block. There is some serious power potential here. Just imagine: All the perks of the LT1 platform, such as direct injection, VVT, and high-strength, lightweight aluminum, but with big-block cubes.

Lingenfelter Ported LT1 Heads, Cams and 720hp Kits

004 LT1 Heads Ported CNC Lingenfelter Lpr 5/6

Lingenfelter Performance has always been a name associated with serious Chevy performance. Their line of ported LT1 cylinder heads offers even more horsepower potential over the already potent factory castings. These CNC ported heads, when paired with one of their LT1-specific camshafts are good for a bona fide 600-horsepower! Add a supercharger to the mix and the sky’s the limit. Already have a blower on your LT4-powered Corvette Z06? They’ve got you covered too, with a line of 720hp upgrade kits that contain new pulleys, balancer and a high flow air filter.

Holley LT1 EFI Hi-Ram and Direct injection Controllers

005 Holley LT1 Intake Hi Ram Direct Injection Lpr 6/6

Try talking about Chevrolet horsepower without mentioning the word “Holley,” it just isn’t possible. The company has been at the forefront of induction and fueling since the small-block Chevy was in its infancy and that support remains unwavered with the new LT1. At this year’s PRI show, the team at Holley brought out their line of LT1 EFI Hi-Ram intakes and their Direct Injection controllers. The Hi-Ram intakes offer serious airflow potential and are a direct bolt on to the Gen-V LT1 engines. They have cast-in injector bosses to support port injection should the engine’s fuel requirements exceed what the factory direct injection system can provide. To allow aftermarket port injection and the factory direct injections to work in harmony, Holley’s direct injection fuel controller integrates into any of their HP and Dominator ECUs. There is big power on the table here, people!



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