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Direct Injection at the 2015 SEMA Show

The latest technology for LT1, LT4, LTG, and other Chevy engines

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If you are a fan of or own a direct injection Chevy, things are just starting to get interesting. When emissions controls came out, people cried it was the end of hot rodding. When the electronic fuel injection (EFI) came out, same thing…and again when port injection came out…and then again when the OBD II flash-based computers came out. Never the less, this wonderful hobby has prevailed. The aftermarket continues to respond with more and more products to satisfy the demand, and that was all too apparent at the 2015 SEMA Show. Check out just a few of the parts we peeped during our stay in Las Vegas.

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Chevrolet Performance Accessories

Not only are there a plethora of parts to modify LT1s and LT4s, but Chevrolet Performance also has the means of actually running the engine in your car or truck. Novel idea, right? Kits are also available for the LTG 2.0T engine as well.

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04 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 4/21

Hooker C7 Corvette Headers & Exhaust

Hooker was among several with C7 Corvette headers and exhaust. As the sixth-gen Camaro gets closer to market, you can expect the same for that application. Several makers have said that they were on hand for the measuring session, and already have the design ready to go.

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Holley Hi-Ram LT1 Intake & Direct Injection Controller

These guys don’t waste any time. If you want to make big power with an LT1, this is the way to do it. Holley’s roadmap includes the popular Hi-Ram, adapted to the LT1 cylinder heads that is available with or without port injection bungs. At present, Holley has the ability to control the LT1 with its own controller and then another set of eight injectors with one of its standard Terminator or Dominator ECU’s. The sky (or the block) is the limit with the additional fuel enrichment.

07 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 7/21

MSD Atomic AirForce LT1 Intake

What’s not to love about this 2-piece polymer intake manifold with optimized runner lengths, greater plenum volume and a 103mm throttle body opening? This piece has already proven to make substantial power on the LS7 application.

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09 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 9/21

Hellion C7 Single Turbo Kit

Hellion’s kit puts a 67 or 76mm turbo dead center of the engine for optimum weight balance and appearance, and requires little to no modifying for fitment. It uses stock exhaust manifolds with a crossover that runs behind the engine. The downpipe connects to the factory rear cats. The standard Precision 67mm turbo makes up to 1,000hp, and the upgrade is good for 1,400hp. The prototype seen here was built with the previous turbo design, which is why it runs so close to the intake pipe. This will be modified slightly for the new Precision turbo, released at SEMA, which will be used with the kit. The front-mount air-to-air intercooler requires slight trimming to factory plastic, which is the only bit of modification needed.

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LT4 Overdrive Pulleys

There are several sources including Lingenfelter and ATI Performance, which will allow C7 Z06 owners to up the boost on their LT4’s R1740 Eaton supercharger. With a max of around 12-14psi, the 1.7L blower certainly doesn’t have the headroom of its larger predecessors.

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16 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 16/21

LT4 Superchargers

The limited potential of the R1740 has really opened the door for aftermarket supercharger kits. The ProCharger kit uses a billet intake and will support up to 1,600hp. Meanwhile, the A&A kit swaps the intake manifold and heads for LT1 pieces to increase its potential. Edelbrock and Lingenfelter’s kit, which uses an Edelbrock supercharger, are a direct swap for the factory blower.

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CNC Ported LT1 Heads

Lingenfelter was one of the few to have its CNC-ported Gen V heads on display at the show. Though stock heads flow quite well, when combined with a bumpier camshaft some impressive numbers are possible using a good CNC program.

19 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 19/21

Mahle LT1 Forged Pistons

The folks at Mahle have continued to refine their LT1 piston designs, which require unique fuel bowls for direct injection. The latest designs allow ample clearance of the piston oil squirters, even with a 4-inch stroke. Pistons are available for stock stroke as well, and both in high compression (right) and low compression (left). With the stock chamber, Mahle says the low compression pistons are good for 10:1 and the high compression pistons are near stock (12:0).

20 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 20/21

Livernois LT1/LT4 Cam Phaser

Last year, the crew from Michigan released its phaser limiter, required for all aftermarket camshafts. However, this part will actually lock out the phaser all together for high-powered applications. A DOD delete kit was released last year, and when combined you have a very reliable, stable combination. Livernois said the greatest benefit comes from consistency. Though great in a stock application, VVT can cause the engine to respond erratically, which is not ideal for racing.

21 SEMA 2015 Direct Injection Parts 21/21

Nostrum Energy DI Injectors

The first DI injectors have hit the market, though just for the 2.0T LTG engine. Some have said that size constraints have held back LT1/LT4 development, but hopefully we should see more options come to market next year.



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