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5 New LS Induction Options From SEMA 2015

Induction Aesthetics: 5 New Intakes Liven Up LS Engines

Evan Perkins Nov 4, 2015
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We love LS engines. How could we not? This widely available engine platform is affordable, lightweight and makes stupid power if you so much as sneeze at it. And, while the humble pushrod motor is truly an engineering marvel, old school enthusiasts often have one common complaint: “it’s ugly.” Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the LS-series of engines has often played Cinderella to the much more attractive first-gen small- and big-block engines. That has all changed as the aftermarket has put forth several aesthetically pleasing and power-producing induction solutions. Below are our favorite new setups from the 2015 SEMA Show

Edelbrock 1 Sema 2015 2/11

Edelbrock’s Cross-Ram LS3

This intake is the incarnation-in-aluminum of “needs a turbo.” The dual plenum design plays host to two 90mm throttle bodies and was created with forced induction in mind. It fits LS engines with LS3, L92 and L76 rectangular port configurations and is designed to feed serious air, for serious horsepower. Even without forced induction, the manifold has been dyno-proven to deliver a serious bump in performance. Better yet, it’s a way-cool deviation from the standard LS3 composite intake. If the red, powder-coated aluminum didn’t already say Edelbrock, Ferrari wouldn’t be a hard sell. This one is a surefire way to make any engine stand out at the car show or the track.

Holley 1 Sema 2015 3/11

Holley Sniper Fabricated Intakes for LS

What screams racecar like a fabricated sheetmetal intake? Holley has taken a design previously belonging exclusively to the upper echelon of motorsports and brought it to the everyman with the new Sniper Hi-Ram series of intakes. They are available for cathedral, rectangular port, and LS7-style heads and come in dual-quad, single-quad, and 102mm throttle body versions. These intakes would make for one heckuva’ sharp-looking LS, but are also available for traditional small-block Chevys.

Fast 1 Sema 2015 4/11

FAST LS3 LSXr 102mm Intake

The Fast LSXr intake has been around for a while and it’s a known performer. It adds a little more flair to any LS3 and packs the additional airflow to back it up. While the intake is familiar, the interchangeable runner design is a whole new take on a familiar flavor. By lengthening or shortening the runners, the engine’s power band can be dramatically altered for peak power, bolstered midrange, or improved low rpm grunt. Available length styles (from shortest to longest) are Race, High HP, and Standard. The race variant of the kit is based on data gathered from Daytona Prototype intakes and has been proven to generate a nearly 40 horsepower bump!

MSD 1 Sema 2015 5/11

MSD LT1 Airforce

Ok we fibbed just a bit on this one, as it isn’t an LS intake, it’s actually for an LT1. But, that is great news for owners of Chevy’s latest and greatest small-block. The MSD Airforce, which has already proven to be an easy source of bolt-on power, has now transitioned over to the LT1 platform. Super Chevy has already tested the LS version and can’t wait to get our hands on the newest variant to put that one to the test too.

Edelbrock 4 Sema 2015 6/11

Edelbrock Super Victor LS3

Big power requires big airflow. And, in a carbureted world, the best candidate for supplying all that wind is the 4500-style (Dominator) carb. Edelbrock paired that monster of a fuel-mixer with an LS3 in this Super Victor Intake. Old meets new in the best possible way. While this intake is pretty much a race-only piece, with very few street-going LS mills requiring this level of carburation, it’s an outfit that any Gen-IV small-block would look seductive in.



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