2015 SEMA Gallery: Freaks, Failures, and Fantastical Creations

We Dig Deep to Show You SEMA “Diversity”

Thom Taylor Nov 4, 2015 0 Comment(s)
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Let’s celebrate the diversity that is SEMA. You know that every enthusiast segment for cars and trucks is covered at SEMA, and that’s great. From lowriders to jacked-up off-road behemoths, it’s all celebrated at the SEMA Show. But we’re talking about the diversity in creations—how some cars and trucks are extreme or sedate. How they are clean or gaudy. How they are built minimally or loaded with every trick in the book—or parts catalog.

You know what they say, “There’s an ass for every seat.” Right? Well, we’ve got plenty of different styles of seats that are arranged around SEMA for you to sit down in and consider how they feel. How they fit you. What we’re getting at is that we have a gallery of some strange, freaky, and over-the-top creations and components that you can judge whether you like, or don’t like. Some of it is strange, and some is so crazy that it’s “scrumtrulescent.”

Tell us what strikes your fancy and what makes you want to hurl.



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