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SEMA Show 2014 Overflows with a Flood of Corvettes and Components

Horn O’ Plenty

Steve Temple Mar 5, 2015
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Sorting through the thousands of products at the 2014 SEMA Show is no simple matter. We trudged for miles up and down the endless aisles to find the latest upgrades for Corvettes. While we focused on C7 components in particular, we know that parts for a number of other Corvette eras are of interest as well. So we’ve included something to suit every need. Once you finish your Corvette buildup, let us know how it turned out, so we can consider it for coverage in Vette.


2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2/18

MagnaFlow knows performance, and so does the team at APR Performance. So when it came time to pick a partner for building a ’14 Corvette Stingray, APR’s race-proven success with the C6 Z06 ZR1 line made this company a solid choice for a partnership. This Corvette is designed to be a true powerhouse on the track, but still comfortable enough to be a daily driver. The APR carbon-fiber components lower the overall weight and are designed to give it better aerodynamics. The MagnaFlow exhaust has a deeper growl and adds horsepower.

STS Turbo

Sts Twin Turbo System 3/18

With a patented remote-mount setup under the rear bumper and new flash calibration, the STS Twin Turbo System for the C7 Corvette delivers as much as 650 horses at the rear wheels. This unit features dual intercoolers up front, comp-grade oil-less turbos, and high-flow tubing. Regarding the latter, the charge pipes go through the wheelwells and rocker panels, back around the front suspension, into the intercooler, and from there straight into the engine.


Lpe Camshaft 4/18

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) now offers precision-engineered camshafts for ’14-’15 Corvettes. Created to integrate seamlessly into the Corvette C7’s technologically advanced engine, these proprietary performance camshafts deliver optimum power and driveability for naturally aspirated and either supercharged or turbocharged engine applications. All camshafts use a stock fuel-pump lobe and are manufactured using EN40b steel bar stock that’s heat treated with gas nitriding to produce a surface hardness of 55-60 HRC.

Smokey's Group

C7 Corvette 5/18

To optimize the output on your C7, check out Smokey’s Dyno & Performance. This Akron, Ohio, shop specializes in custom tuning and installing high-performance parts for maximizing the full potential of the C7 Corvette. An experienced tuning team with in-depth Corvette knowledge tests vehicles for potential areas of power, torque, and gas mileage improvement, then precision dyno tunes using an advanced SuperFlow Auto Dyn-880E AWD Dynamometer. For your personal convenience, Smokey’s can also bring its expert capabilities directly to your garage door. As a member of the ECU Tuning Group with locations around the world, Smokey’s offers hands-on personal attention along with elite vehicle performance software.


Nitrous Control Center 6/18

More is usually better when it comes to nitrous oxide and fuel delivery. So, it’s no surprise that Lingenfelter’s new NCC-002 Nitrous Control Center doubles the solenoid driver capacity of the original NCC-001 controller for both nitrous and fuel outputs. Capable of driving up to 30 amps per channel, this two-stage, fully independent progressive nitrous controller features an onboard display, plus PC based programming and data logging. Designed for ease of use and access at the track, the unit can be programmed far in advance of nitrous delivery to address lean spikes that often occur upon initial activation. The NCC-002 features enough internal memory to save three user-defined programs directly on the controller. Adjustments can be made using a PC or via the buttons on the onboard display, providing quick access to a different configuration should the track conditions change. It also has programmable fuel pressure and AFR safety nitrous overrides. The NCC-002 Nitrous Control Center can be installed into mos


C7 Corvette Yellow Balck 7/18

Want your new C7 to say something special? Check out the body mods from Revorix. They include pieces for the front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and spoiler. Besides creating a new look, Revorix claims these aero pieces improve downforce and corner balance.


Spec Super Twin Billet 8/18

Designed for the ’14-’15 Stingray, the SPEC Super Twin is built to handle extreme horsepower and torque (700-1,500 lb-ft). This all-billet unit is rebuildable and configurable. It’s a direct bolt-in multi-disc clutch and flywheel assembly for both street and track use, and is designed for high capacity and good driveability in multi-purpose environments. The Super Twin is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and high-carbon billet steel milled to a precise 0.001 inches for ideal balance and actuation. Friction is provided by damped, full-faced carbon-graphite discs. Organic, fiber, and full metallic options are available. Flywheel and track-spec hardware are included in each kit.

American Car Craft

Plenum Cover 9/18

American Car Craft has just released a number of cosmetic parts for GM performance machines, including a new plenum cover. Designed to fit any ’14 C7, these intake manifold covers are manually layered stainless steel to give off a unique shine. They are made from dual layers of steel on a base that’s been polished to a mirror finish, or brushed stainless steel on polished stainless steel, for a truly remarkable look. Matching fuel-rail covers are available as well.


2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Engine Cover 10/18

Carbon fiber is the new black, and Trufiber has got you covered—literally. This company’s inserts, exterior lip trim, and engine covers for the ’14 Corvette Stingray are made of real, high-quality carbon fiber: a 3K, 2x2 twill fabric with automotive clearcoat UV protection. These components will enhance the appearance of the car, and are very simple to install, with no cutting or drilling required.

Cornhusker Sign

Corvette Signage 11/18

Here’s just the thing to decorate a Corvette enthusiast’s garage, office, or game room. Cornhusker Sign’s patented custom neon signs featuring durable all-steel construction with beautiful powdercoating for a porcelain-like finish. They include UL-listed, American-made transformers with a 3-year warranty and protection circuitry to ensure safety. Easy to use, with a pull chain on/off switch, and standard 110-volt plug, they feature a fully enclosed metal back with keyhole slots at standard stud spacing for easy hanging, either 48 or 72 inches long. Nearly 100 different configurations are available, including custom ones.


Mbrp Performance Exhaust 12/18

MBRP Performance Exhaust has re-entered the Corvette market with the new C7 platform. The company’s axle-back exhaust system features perforated-core muffler technology with a ground-up design built specifically for the C7. This system consists of 3-inch, mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing and stainless band clamps, and is finished off with handcrafted T304 stainless steel tips. MBRP claims gains of 11 rwhp and 10 lb-ft of torque, along with both style and enriched sound.

A & A Corvette Performance

C7 Corvette Supercharger 13/18

A&A Corvette proclaims that it produced the first C7 Corvette supercharger system in October 2013. After thorough testing and a few tweaks here and there, production systems became available by January 2014. Advantages of their system include supercharger units built specifically for A&A Corvette by Vortech Engineering. Self-contained V-3 Si head units are standard, and said to be the most efficient model available in the 500-700hp range. Larger units are available as well, capable of well over 1,000 hp for built engines. A&A includes a fully machined, SFI-approved balancer with interchangeable lower pulleys as standard equipment, (rather than a simple pulley that bolts to the stock cast-iron balancer). This balancer design uses a dedicated eight-rib belt that does not interfere with the water pump or alternator belt. Also new from A&A is a C7 Ram Air Intercooler that lays flat and is hidden behind the bumper cover, with a welded aluminum scoop that forces air through the core.

C&R Racing

C And R Performance Intercooler 14/18

C&R Performance introduces a cooling solution for the ’09-’13 Corvette ZR1 and LS9 crate engine. In response to claims that stock intercoolers do not support increased boost very effectively, C&R engineered its LS9 intercoolers to hold up under high boost/temperature environments. The unit offers an OE fit—no modifications required, CNC billet end tanks, and a race-proven core. C&R also claims that their intercoolers reduce the intake air temperature, allow more timing, and a corresponding increase in hp and torque.


Airaid Filters 15/18

Whether it’s an LS1 going in a street rod or an LS7 going in a sand buggy, AirAid has released a complete line of specialty filters that address many of the unique induction needs of an LS swap, making it easier than ever before to make LS engines work in custom applications. This new line of specialty LS filters is designed to clamp right onto the throttle body of the LS engine, simplifying the induction system and making for a compact, easy-to-use package. Filters are available with a standard 3.875-inch flange to match a factory throttle body or with a 4.25-inch flange that is compatible with most aftermarket throttle bodies. The filters feature an extra-thick flange for a stronger mounting and a built-in velocity stack to optimize airflow. There are even built-in provisions to mount an IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor on the filter assembly, commonly needed on LS applications. Due to the location of the filter on the front of the engine, AirAid also offers an optional shield to help protect the filter


Chevrolet Corvette Matte Yellow 16/18

Nothing makes a bolder statement on a new Corvette than custom paint. AkzoNobel delivered and then some, with not only a new matte yellow color called Ember Gold, but also a host of engine and body upgrades from Lingenfelter. The innovative hue is a special tri-coat color with a flat clearcoat over the top for a flat sheen look that enhances the sharp edges. And this treatment was customized by painting the A-pillars to match the body color, and adding gloss carbon-fiber accents from ACS (which is the only OEM-approved clearcoat, the company claims).

Kooks Headers

Kooks Steel X Pipe 17/18

The C7 exhaust system from Kooks features a 3-inch stainless steel catted X-pipe, designed to work only with Kooks Long-Tube Headers. But with all the attention the new C7 is getting, we expect C5s are becoming readily available on the resale market. And these are excellent performance projects, especially with Kooks C5 Axle-Back Exhaust System for the 5.7L LS1. Made of 2.5-inch stainless steel, this unit includes polished stainless tips.


Wilwood Brakes C7 Corvette 18/18

Wilwood now offers Aerolite Brake Kits for the C7 Corvette. They consist of forged-aluminum, radial-mount calipers and two-piece alloy rotors (14.25-inch diameter with directional vanes), plus six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers. They are available in gloss black, red, or Wilwood’s newest nickel-based Quick-Silver plating. A choice of rotors and pad compounds are available to provide high-torque stopping power and optimized cooling efficiency on either the street or track. Each kit includes all necessary hardware with DOT-approved stainless-steel braided flexlines, and a detailed instruction guide for an easy bolt-on installation. MSRP starts at $2,022.

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