2014 Super Chevy Show Memphis - Chasing Away The Blues

Fans at Super Chevy Memphis were rockin’ and rollin’ with all things Chevrolet.

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There was no winner declared for the DOT due to the rain that moved in Sunday evening. R.T. Turbines D.O.T. Raymond Kendall and Todd Berry split the event, and Michael Crass was the semi-finalist.

True Street
WDanny Tellman Jefferson City MO9.245 sec. average
R/UAlan Cleveland Florence, MS11.059 sec average
11.00 Index
WAlan ClevelandFlorence, MS
12.00 Index
WRonnie McKennaGulfport, MS
13.00 Index
WSteven WilliamsLexington, TN
14:00 Index
WMatt Loft Bartlett, TN

2014 Super Chevy Memphis Ls Engine 5/35

It’s nice to see LS stuff hitting the swap meet circuit. Here we have a complete truck motor and trans. The guy had everything, including the wire harness, for $1,500 bucks.

2014 Super Chevy Memphis Factory Tri Power 427 1969 Big Block Engine Corvette 6/35

Here’s a pretty rare item, a complete factory Tri-power setup from a ’69 427 big-block Vette. It’s got a whopping price tag of $2,800, the seller is actually under what most guys are asking for a complete one of these.

Editor’s Choice Top 5 Drag Car Awards
1. Natt Moore’69 Chevelle SS
2. William Mills’55 Chevy
3. Troy Williams’66 Nova
4. Jeff James’69 Camaro
5. Ronnie Hays’86 S10
Editor’s Choice Top 5 Show Car Awards
1. Mick Price’62 Biscayne 409/409
2. Kenny park, ’71 Heavy Chevy Chevelle
3. Chuck Leonard ’56 Nomad
4. Geoff Cowan’69 Camaro 572
5. Carl Walling’61 Corvette

2014 Super Chevy Memphis 1957 Black Widow Tribute 10/35

George Poteets’ ’57 Black Widow tribute had a foot in each of two centuries.

2014 Super Chevy Memphis 1957 Tribute Poteets Engine 11/35

It has an Art Morrison Enterprises frame and large wheels and tires for improved cornering, plus a five-speed gearbox, but the engine’s an all-aluminum ZL1 crate engine with two four-barrel carbs.

2014 Super Chevy Memphis Chevy Camaros 21/35




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