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2014 Super Chevy Show Richmond - Virginia’s Bow Tie Reunion

Virginia Motorsports Park sees its biggest crowd for any event in 10 years when the Super Chevy Show came to town.

Rod Short Jun 24, 2014
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Super Chevy’s annual pilgrimage to the Old Dominion always produces good memories and great cars, which is doubtless why this event continues to grow. This year was overwhelming, as the spectator crowd was the largest the facility has seen for any event in a decade.

There for the delight of all was perhaps the best Pro Mod show the series has seen to date, with 20-plus cars battling it out to qualify for Sunday’s eliminations. Eighth-mile runs in the 3.80s and 3.90s were commonplace with speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. An all-Virginia final round was a big hit as the top two qualifiers met with defending EOPM and series champ Randy Weatherford was upset by Tommy Franklin. That drama and excitement continued down through all of the different racing categories throughout the weekend as well.

On the car show side, the turnout was noticeably larger than last year as mild, sunny weather brought numerous entries in from the surrounding states. With a big swap meet and manufacturers midway adding to the pleasure of renewed acquaintances and good food, Super Chevy Virginia was a homecoming that will continue to be savored.

2014 Chevy Copo Camaro Naff 2/23

Angela Naff trotted out her new ’14 COPO Camaro. She has several fifth-gens and picked up a new Z/28 just before the event.

2010 Chevy Camaro Ss 24 Inch Rims 3/23

Twenty-four inch rims on a Camaro?!? Yikes! Frank Daniels did just that with his 2010 SS. With a booming stereo, an ultra-wide body kit, awesome graphics, 3-inch exhaust, and nearly 400 rwhp, this Camaro takes tuner cars to a new level.

Camaro Guys Gen5 Drag Winner 4/23

Your Camaro Guys Gen5 drag winner.

Editor’s Choice Top 10 Show Cars
Rick Boothe 1962 Bel Air
Angela Naff 2013 COPO Camaro
Lisa Taylor 1969 Camaro
David Kissner 1968 Nova
Ed Corl 1965 Chevy II
Steve Heath 1968 Chevelle
Brad Corwin 1959 Impala
Ronnie Staples 1957 Chevy
Gilbert Carter 2002 Corvette
Ronnie Lloyd 1972 Pickup
Editor’s Choice Top 10 Drag Cars
Bob & Gwen Miller 1971 Monte Carlo
Chuck Garey 1998 Camaro
Kevin Dunn 1968 Camaro
Charles & Randy Smith 1956 Chevy Wagon
Ricky Ashworth 1957 Pickup
Robert Hill 1967 Chevy II
Ernie Lumpkin 1955 Chevy
Todd Atkinson 2013 Camaro
Richard Payne 1967 Nova
Stuart Carter 2007 Cobalt

Chevy Camaro Z28 Franklin 8/23

Some of the best Pro Mod racing of the year was seen at Super Chevy Virginia. In a battle of Virginia drivers, Tommy Franklin of Fredericksburg was low qualifier and won the class with a stout 3.844 e.t. at 196.62 mph over Randy Weatherford of Danville, who trailed just behind with a 3.891 at 191.89.

Modded Chevy Bel Air 9/23

Virginia Motorsports Park added a special feature to their regular Super Chevy race program with a 4.90 heads-up index class. Mason Merritt of Chesapeake, VA, came from the middle of the 16-car field to make the finals only to redlight against local driver Mark

1972 Chevy Nova Bauer 10/23

Some of the sharpest street driven racers in the country were at VMP, as seen with Ken Bauer’s 1972 Nova, which he has owned for 16 years. With a 400 small-block on nitrous, TH400 automatic, and 4.56 gears, Bauer has been in the 9s with this car, and ran as quick as a 6.43 in the eighth-mile at Virginia. When he’s not racing, Bauer drives his car regularly on the street in the Yorktown, VA, area.

1968 Chevy Camaro Ss Rs Dunn 11/23

When he’s not with family or working as a Systems Engineer at Wal-Mart, Kevin Dunn is thinking about his 1968 Camaro SS/RS, which he’s owned for 28 years. All that thought paid off as Kevin finished second overall in True Street with a 10.109 average with this LS7 crate engine-powered car.

Race Results
Class Name R/T E.T. MPH
Pro Mod
W Tommy Franklin 0.116 3.844 196.62
R/U Randy Weatherford 0.126 3.891 191.89
Top Sportsman
W Mike Alexander 0.012 4.715 147.18
R/U Randy Perkinson 0.018 4.557 149.88
4.90 Index
W Mark Reese 0.017 5.379 99.08
R/U Mason Merritt R/L 4.905 142.67
Bracket 1 – Saturday
W Calvin Drake, Jr. 0.019 4.843 141.82
R/U Ray Holmes 0.017 6.288 109.04
Bracket 2 – Saturday
W Greg Haynes 0.04 6.341 102.73
R/U Bill King 0.093 6.539 105.65
Saturday Bonus Race Run-Off
W Greg Haynes 0.007 6.29 N/L
R/U Calvin Drake, Jr. N/L N/L N/L
Bracket 1 - Sunday
W Dink Holmes 0.01 5.762 117.39
R/U Kenny Young 0.026 4.721 144.97
Bracket 2 - Sunday
W Bill Foster 0.07 5.583 124.06
R/U Bobby Merritt 0.122 5.807 117.94
W Brandon Tuck 0.177 8.951 150.58
R/U Justen West 0.039 12.52 103.45

1977 Chevy Chevette Anders 15/23

Bryan Anders is a crowd favorite in Super Chevy True Street with his little 427-powered 1977 Chevette running on E85. Even so, he had his hands full at Virginia on Sunday. After running some 10s on DOT tires the day before, Anders had his steering wheel come off after launching and then broke a wheelie bar on the next run. Undaunted, Anders swears he’ll be back at the next local Super Chevy race.

1955 1956 Chevy Bel Air 16/23

In what might be the race of the year in True Street, Glenn Hunter (right) pulled off in the staging lanes at the beginning of their three timed runs so he could square off against Tim Harper in his blue ’55.

1955 Chevy Bel Air Harper 17/23

In the first round, Harper put a holeshot on Hunter’s well-known ’56 Chevy (Super Chevy and Hot Rod cover car) and hung on for a narrow 8.159-second win at 166.72 mph, with Hunter just behind him with an 8.214 at a faster 167.42. To the disappointment of all, Hunter could not return for his remaining two runs after breaking a rocker arm. Even so, not bad for a couple of street-legal cars!

True Street
Overall Winner Tim Harper 8.166 average
Overall Runner-Up Kevin Dunn 10.109 average
10-sec. Category Winner Kevin Dunn 10.109 average
11-sec. Category Winner John LaCascia 11.229 average
12-sec. Category Winner Danny Flanagan 12.222 average
13-sec. Category Winner Eugene Taylor 13.185 average



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