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2013 MCACN Show - The Art of Automotive Magnificence

Chevrolets of remarkable pedigree fill up the 2013 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show floor.

Geoff Stunkard Dec 16, 2013
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The art world is filled with an enormous range of talent, exhibition prowess, financial wherewithal, and fine appreciation. While the auction scene is often the flashpoint of public interest, museums are also filled with these artifacts for simple enjoyment. While that introduction may seem a little unbefitting our magazine title, the annual Musclecar and Corvette Nationals may be best described as an automotive art show, where oohs and ahhs are heard as treasures seldom seen in public make a rare appearance for two days each November.

 MCACN Motion Performance Corvettes 2/14

And well they should, as the MCACN show, held in the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, 30 miles west of downtown Chicago and minutes from O’Hare Airport, has become the gathering place of the major collectors, restorers, and personalities in the business. For example, this year saw Joel Rosen, Marty Schorr, and Joe Oldham, noted associates from the Baldwin/Motion Chevrolet business out on Long Island, on hand as well as a collection of B/M supercars from around the nation worth literally millions. There was a Z28 Invitational for proven original cars, highlighted with Dana Mecum’s ’68 convertible, the Z-car that had been personally built to be presented to GM exec Pete Estes. From 427 Biscaynes to barn finds, from showcase rarities being unveiled for the first time, to the latest efforts by top restorers, if you are a Chevy fan, you would not have been disappointed.

What makes MCACN unique is that it is also the common ground for all makes; manager Bob Ashton and the guys who help make the show possible are able to gather cars from collections nationwide based on the reality of the show’s significance. As mentioned, these are vehicles rarely seen in public, and ran the gamut this year from lightweight Pontiacs to the latest supercars. While we do not focus on Corvettes in Super Chevy, suffice to say that if you were fan of L88 roadsters, the SR2, Yenko’s road racing days, and tank sticker/Duntov authenticity, you got an eyeful as well.

2013 MCACN 1974 Chevy Nickey Camaro 3/14

Radio commentator Dennis Pittsenbarger and Nickey expert Stefano Bimbo during the unveiling of the last-ever Nickey Camaro on Saturday morning. Dennis and model Kayla (background) were involved in no less than eight such events that morning. The ’74 Camaro was built in late 1973 and equipped with an L88 monster when delivered.

Of course, while the wallet thicknesses may vary, the reality of so much amazing gear in one place keeps a humble atmosphere about the event. People who might not run into each other anywhere else but a platinum-grade auction enjoying a chance to talk cars and marketplaces, history and heritage in a non-competitive environment. And, yeah, we think a few cars may changes hands as well. Regardless, it’s a place of mutual respect; if you can get an invite to actually display a car, count yourself blessed indeed. Of course, the public can attend MCACN with a simple admission ticket during show hours.

In 2014, the effort will again occur on the weekend right before Thanksgiving, November 22-23. Without a doubt, it will again be a two-day-only exhibition of the best that Detroit offered in the glory days of performance. We highly recommend putting it on the calendar…

2013 MCACN Chevy Yenko Chevelle 7/14

This Yenko Chevelle was being displayed by the guys from the Supercar Workshop, the restoration specialists from western Pennsylvania. The car’s original owner had bought it soon after the supercar era ended and almost sold it a couple of times. It then went through a season of “restoration hell” before the SCW guys brought it back to life following a lengthy and painstakingly-correct rebuilding.

2013 MCACN Street Car Racing 14/14

Looking like a street race being orchestrated by the police of Rosemont, this was actually the scene on the street as thousands of horsepower and millions of dollars’ worth of cars rolled out from the Stephens building into a 25-degree night. Next year cannot come soon enough—be there!



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