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LSX Shootout 2013 - Lucas Oil Raceway Park

Smokey burnouts and nasty wheelstands set the tone for an outstanding weekend in Indianapolis

D.J. Randall Feb 7, 2014
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Welcome to the 2013 Chevrolet Performance LSX Shootout, held at Lucas Oil Raceway Park, in historic Indianapolis, Indiana. The second weekend in October (11th-13th) was the place to be, if you craved high-horsepower racing, including anything and everything that burns rubber. The weather was perfect, and the plethora of cars that showed up was intoxicating. The mighty JE Pistons LSX Drag Radial cars put on an astounding show, and three cars went down the track in 6-seconds, setting a new record. The ERL Performance LSX All Motor category was full of wheel-stands, as usual, and the Holley EFI LSX Real Street cars dominated ear drums. The Tremec Transmissions LSX True Street cars merged street and track capabilities, and had a massive field! Finally, the Proform Performance LSX Rumble category, as well as the DiabloSport 5th Gen Camaro Challenge created an eye-pleasing spectacle of motorsport goodness. Check out some of our coverage below, and plan for next time. We'll be there!

Lsx Shootout Race 2/30

Like a conveyor belt of rumbling rocket ships awaiting takeoff, racers eagerly await his and her turn for a smoky burnout, and a satisfying launch, before jetting down the strip.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Front 6/30

Joe Rush, driving his ’10 Camaro from Walton, Indiana, was the Tremec Transmissions 13-second winner, in the LSX True Street category, and he ran an average 13.009 ET. The Competition was close, and jam-packed!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Rear 13/30

Let’s see some wheel-lifts! The LSX All Motor class was full of killer combos, and Greg Delaney, from Covington, Tennessee, made it to the finals after running an 8.494 ET at 166.93 mph in Round Two, in his ’10 Camaro.

2005 Chevrolet Corvette Side 20/30

Steven Griswold’s ’05 Corvette was closer in the 9-second bracket, and ran a blistering 9.095 ET at 137.58 mph in the Final of the LSX Rumble category.

Lsx 27/30

With the 2013 LSX Series coming to a close, the points have been added up, and the winners have been announced. PRI will hold a ceremony to recognize the champions. Speaking of newly crowned champions, Mike Brown had to rebuild from last year’s wreck, and spent the majority of his time fine-tuning a new twin-turbo setup. With that being said, Brown was one of three cars to run 6s in Indy, which was a first in class history. Brown is the new JE Pistons LSX Drag Radial Champion.



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