2013 Super Chevy Show - Rockingham Dragway

Bow Ties at The Rock - The Super Chevy Show rolled into Rockingham Dragway for the final event of 2013

Patrick Hill Feb 10, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Pulling into Rockingham Dragway for the start of our final show of 2013, we had to stop for a sec and make sure 12 months had already passed since our last sojourn to The Rock. We'd seen thousands of awesome Chevys in the show fields in 2013, and an equal number of impressive racecars blasting down the dragstrip. And by the time you read this, we'll be knocking on the door of the 2014 show season. For the new schedule, go to superchevyshow.com and click on Schedule.

So, with that said, let's check out how the Super Chevy Show finished up in 2013.

Car Show Results

Editor's Choice Top 5 Car Show Awards
George Keel, Spotsylvania VA '34 Chevy Coupe
Buddy Godwin, Sanford NC '72 Corvette LT-1
Tony Poole, Laurinburg NC '55 Chevy Gasser
Ronald Geehring, Monroe NC '75 Monza Town Coupe
Troy Loftis, McLeansville NC '68 C-10 Pickup
Editor's Choice Top 5 Race Cars
Kenny Suits Thomasville NC '68 Z/28 RS
John Powell, Fayetteville NC '72 Vega
Tom Ball, High Point NC '56 Bel Air Wagon
Lloyd Tisdale, Kingstreet SC '62 Corvette
Harold Smith, Roseboro NC '69 Nova
Top 10 Driver Cars
Tyler Manness Rubbins NC '52 Pickup
Jean Howard Polkton NC '66 Nova
Ann Goldman Raleigh NC '90 Pickup
Butch Watson Rockingham NC '86 El Camino
Robert E. Thomas Monroe NC '69 Camaro
Larry Spires Trenton SC '87 Pickup
Ray Bleau Fort Hill SC '70 Camaro
Dillon Shelley Salisbury NC '66 Chevelle
Karl Neal Raleigh NC '57 Chevy
Bill Duncan Greensburg NC '55 Chevy

Drag Race Results

Sunday Race Results RT DI ET MPH
Driveduracell.Com Pro ET
Winner: Derrik Sholar 0.009 6.37 6.379 104.51
Runner Up: Lee Desist 0.027 6.13 6.127 110.07
Aeromotive Eliminator: Donald Norris
Aeromotive Eliminator: Rooster
LAT Racing Oil Winner: Derrik Sholar
Bracket 2 – Footbrake
Winner: Daniel Leggett 0.047 6.91 6.918 97.59
Runner Up: Kevin Riner 0.052 6.67 6.668 98.53
Aeromotive Eliminator: Randall Cantell
Winner: Jerry Cline 0.041 12.25 12.283 109.58
Runner Up: Justin West 0.058 12.49 12.468 103.70
Camaroguys.com Gen 5 Challenge
Winner: Jeff Brady 0.324 11.80 11.939 117.88
Runner Up: Tom Johnson -0.099 10.90 11.106 132.19
JR. Dragster
Winner: Logan Brown 0.046 7.90 7.936 83.53
Runner Up: Robert Vogler III 0.730 7.90 7.898 79.74
Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod
Winner: Randy Weatherford 0.118 3.825 195.93
Runner Up: Chris Rini 0.054 4.068 185


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