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Battle of Bowling Green - LTX Shootout

Blazing temperatures provide a challenge for LTX Shootout competitors

Tommy Lee Byrd Jan 24, 2014
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Heat and extreme sunlight wreak havoc on drag racers for a number of reasons. High horsepower engines generally do not like heat, and they especially don’t like humidity. Another factor to consider are track temperatures and the consequent traction problems. Without a doubt, competitors in this year’s LTX Shootout dealt with their share of hot temperatures, but it made the race a great challenge for everyone involved.

The LTX Shootout is in its sixth year of existence, and it consists of a tight-knit group of drag racers who are devoted to making the LTX platform go faster than it should. The LTX Shootout is held at historic Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s a great location for drag racing, as it’s a central location for all the folks who travel from the East Coast, as well as the racers who come from the Midwest. There are surprisingly few cars from Kentucky or even Tennessee, as this event generally reaches out to the truly dedicated LTX followers, which are scattered all across the United States. The event staff and all of the racers are friends, and they’re very welcoming of newcomers who want to join in the fun.

The 2013 LTX Shootout offered a full day of quarter-mile drag racing action, with several classes to adequately break up the field of cars. One class that always gets our attention is the Outlaw class, mainly because these guys push the LTX limits on each, and every pass. One competitor who built a car specifically to compete in the Outlaw class, and potentially break the LTX record, is Chris Sikora with his twin turbocharged Camaro. Unfortunately, Chris passed away unexpectedly in April of 2013 and never got the chance to make a pass in his newly completed car. His family traveled to the LTX Shootout to display the car and support the event that Chris wanted so badly to win.

Despite the unfortunate situation, the LTX Shootout staff pressed on and got the action going with a great day of qualifying and racing action. Anyone who has raced or watched racing at Beech Bend knows that it rains almost every day during the summer months, and the track crew is always prepared to jump into action. For this year’s event, a passing storm stopped the racing action briefly, but most of the day was filled with sunshine, heat, and humidity. The harsh sun provided its own problems, as some of the cars struggled to get down the track. After a few rounds of testing and qualifying, most of the racers figured it out and pushed their cars to the limit during eliminations. It was certainly another great year of LTX drag racing in Bowling Green, and we hope all of you LTX folks sign up for next year’s event and help support this great group of racers!


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