2013 Super Chevy Show - Royal Purple Raceway

Baytown Bowties - Royal Purple Raceway hosts the 11th event in the Super Chevy Show Series and the Second Visit to Texas

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The last weekend in September was a double header for the Super Chevy Show series. Texas and Tennessee were both hosting these bow-tie only events. Half of the staff headed to Bristol, while the other half took a trip to the southwest area of the lone star state. You can read all about what went down in Bristol in this very issue.

Royal Purple Raceway is located in Baytown, Texas, and was the sight of a single day Super Chevy Show and the second visit of the series to the Lone Star State in 2013. The show was supposed to run two days but an unwanted visit from Mother Nature shut the show down on Sunday. Saturday was dry enough to stuff two days worth of show into one, the only real casualty of the rain was the drag racing finals.

The car show kicked off Saturday morning with a cruise sponsored by and starting at Ron Craft Chevrolet, a few miles away from the track. Cruisers were greeted with coffee and doughnuts as they lined up for the road trip. A few of Houston’s boys in blue showed up to give the long line of cars an escort, making it a nice uninterrupted ride. Once the cruisers made it to the track they were funneled into the staging lanes, then out on the return road of the track for a parade lap in front of the grandstands. From there they were parked in the show field.

This event had the show field laid out a bit different than usual. Typically the show cars are separated by class, so all the tri fives park together, then the ’Vettes, and so on. This time all cars were parked in rows by when they arrived. So for a change we had 5th gen Camaros parked next to 1st gens and trucks next to Bel Airs. While it made judging a bit harder, it was nice to see something different around each fender.

The staging lanes were busy all day, as everything from junior dragsters to altereds tripped the lights at the end of the track. One thing we are sure of, Texans love their horsepower. There were so many sub 11-second vehicles of all types it made watching the races a blast. Even with the rain the event was a good time, and we look forward to coming back next year.




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