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2013 Holley LS Fest - Festival Of Fast

The Holley LS Fest Moves Into its Fourth Year and Shows no Signs of Slowing Down

Jan 31, 2014
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OK, picture the scene. It's five years ago and Holley, a company known mostly for its carburetor lineup, is looking at market trends and trying to gaze into the proverbial crystal ball. What they see is the skyrocketing popularity of stuffing GM's LS engine into anything on four wheels. It was then that they decided to dive head first into the LS engine-swap swimming pool.

Of course, the next challenge was getting everyone to think of Holley as a high-tech EFI provider, not just a maker of jets and float bowls. Lots of brainstorming went down and they came up with the idea of hosting an event that celebrated everything LS powered: the Holley LS Fest. Now in its fourth year, this event has something for everyone and every car, so long as an LS-based engine motivates it. There's drag racing for those who want to get their 1,320 groove on, an autocross, an engine chassis dyno, a countryside cruise, a vendors midway to show off LS wares, and even a car show.

This year the event was bigger than ever. The number of pre-registered cars exceeded last year's total field, and on the Camaro Performers-sponsored autocross, there were well over 100 cars clawing for lateral traction. Add in a large dose of good weather and a great time was had by all those at Bowling Green, Kentucky's Beech Bend Raceway. And like any event where cars are running hard, the field was thick with Camaros.

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1999 Chevy 2/32

In his ’99, Ray Bulach goes up against eventual Real Street class winner Kevin Rounsavall during a qualifying session. Ray ended up in the Ninth spot with a 9.090 e.t.

LS Fest 2013 Grand Champion Scoring

Name Car# Cruise Show-n-Shine Bracket/Index Sportsman Autocross Street 3S Challenge Points Overall Rank
Danny Popp 931 5 5 11 25 25 71 1
Brian Finch 908 5 5 14 20 20 64 2
Kyle Tucker 984 5 5 7 22 22 61 3
Johnny Cichowski 952 5 5 8 16 18 52 4
Tim McGilton 961 5 5 20 5 16 51 5
Mike Dusold 913 5 5 22 0 13 45 6
Randall Farless 917 5 5 16 7 11 44 7
Larry Woo 930 5 5 12 10 10 42 8
Rich Gregory 914 5 5 1 13 15 39 9
Anthony Palladino 978 5 5 5 15 7 37 10
Bret Voelkel 944 5 5 0 18 8 36 11
Nathan Shaw 948 5 5 25 0 0 35 12
Nick Licata 991 5 5 2 8 14 34 13
Tyler Powell 954 5 5 13 9 0 32 14
Justin Nall 950 5 5 18 0 0 28 15
Terry Neuville 915 5 5 4 0 12 26 16
Jeff Smith 951 5 5 15 0 0 25 17
Bryan Johnson 972 5 5 0 11 4 25 17
Chris Jacobs 940 5 5 0 12 0 22 19
Joe Gregory 975 5 5 9 0 0 19 20
Stacy Tucker 983 5 5 0 0 9 19 20

Engine Swap 3/32

The always-popular Engine Swap Challenge featured two teams competing to remove a small-block and swap in an LS engine in two nearly identical second-gen Camaros. Once the swap was completed, the competitors were required to start the car then drive it around the facility one time. A huge crowd looked on as the team of Adam Leigh and Pete Eskew beat out Kelium Griffin and Mike Edwards by completing the task in 1 hour and 40 seconds.

1967 Chevy Camaro Two 10/32

07. Looking to lighten up the front of his car, J.B. Granger's '67 was sporting a new carbon-fiber hood for this event. He reported the car feeling quite a bit more agile with the weight reduction and managed a 31st Place finish on the autocross, with his quickest effort of the weekend being a 38.519-second lap.

Manufacturers 20/32

14. The manufacturers midway was a busy place throughout the weekend, and the Holley booth was armed with a full staff of professionals answering questions and selling parts for all your LS and performance needs.

Track Prepping

If there's one thing we're especially proud of here at Camaro Performers is the fact that we're not afraid the beat the ever-loving snot out of our cars. As such, they require a bit more wrench time to stay in track-ready condition. Our '01 Z28, Black Betty, gets regularly hammered at the dragstrip, autocross, and various road courses in addition to commuter duty. So, before shipping it to Bowling Green, Kentucky, we decided to give it a little TLC.

Qa1 Front 27/32

01. QA1 sent us over a pair of their newly reworked front struts, so we headed over to Global West Suspension in San Bernardino, California, to get them wrenched in place. Global West owner Doug Norrdin also upped our spring rate a bit and dialed in a slightly more aggressive alignment.

Replacing Lower Control 28/32

02. While doing a "nut and bolt" check on the Z28, we found that one of our lower control arms had a slight crack. The fix was to remove the spherical bushing and replace it with a fresh one. To add more strength to the arm, the bushings were completely perimeter welded rather than stitched in place. The GM arms were never designed for the abuse we heap on them, so this extra effort should prevent any future cracking issues.

Brake Rotor 29/32

03. Running aggressive brake pads on track days helps knocks down the lap times, but it also wears out rotors a bit quicker. As you can see, the rotor on the right is worn down to the point where you can barely see the slots. The new Wilwood 14-inch GT rotors should serve us well for many future track events.

Placing Nickle Plated 30/32

04. After mating the new Wilwood rotors to our existing aluminum hats, we slid on the six-piston, nickel-plated, calipers. We also took this opportunity to install Wilwood's latest formulation of their BP-20 "smart pads." These new pads offer improved track performance but still retain the low-noise and low-dust properties needed for the street.

Falken Tires 31/32

05. In addition to brakes, our track antics are also tough on tires. We love the lateral stickiness of the Falken Azenis RT615K tires, but they were getting a bit on the thin side, so we slapped on a new set for good measure. Driving hard may not get us a ton of miles on our parts, but it does give us quite a few smiles.

Black 32/32

06. The extra preparation that went into Black Betty paid off. We managed to move up in the standings from last year's event and took 13th Place overall. And with about 150 competitors clamoring for the elusive Holley LS Fest Grand Champion award, this isn't getting any easier.


Wilwood Engineering
Camarillo, CA 93012
Falken Tire
Fontana, CA 92335
Global West Suspension
San Bernardino, CA 92408
Lakeville, MN 55044

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