The 3rd annual Chevy High Performance Street Machine Challenge & Top Ride Shootout

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It's that time of the year again, and working with ProMedia, the hardcore heads-up drag racing organization who operates the National Muscle Car Association, kept true to their roots with this year's Chevy High Performance Nationals at Atlanta Raceway in Commerce, Georgia. The CHP Nationals featured plenty of heads up action with well over 300 show cars, including the Embry-Riddle jet cars running nearly 300 mph with the ladies of speed, Elaine Larsen and Marisha Falk. This was also the stomping ground for our 3rd annual Street Machine Challenge & Top Ride Shootout.

2010 Chevy Camaro 2/29

While the weekend featured nonstop action, we pushed the limits with our Pro Touring competitors during the SMC & TRS portion. Even though it's clear to many, if you are new to the Pro Touring scene these hot rods are known for being able to do a little bit of everything from corner-carving to drag racing to even cruising across the country with comfort. And if we've learned anything over the years, more enthusiasts are finding themselves behind the wheel and getting their adrenalin flowing with eyes wide open. Of course, our SMC & TRS event provided the perfect venue to make that happen.

This year's SMC lineup included Detroit Speed with their '70 Camaro and BMR Suspension with their 2010 Camaro. We also invited Fatman Fabrications, who was a competitor in the previous SMC events with their '57 Chevy, mostly to get a better feel for how their Tri-Five would handle on the autocross course. When it came to the TRS contenders, we had Adam Toney with his '70 Chevelle, Brian Finch with a '71 Camaro, Terry Neuville with a '67 Camaro, Terri Neuville with her '67 Camaro, Tim McGilton with a '70 Z/28 Camaro, Deborah McGilton with a '69 Camaro, Dan Howe with a '84 Monte Carlo, Brad Granger with a '67 Camaro, Duke Roddy with his '65 C10 truck, and a last minute entry Randy Haskins with his '71 Nova.

To compete in SMC and TRS, each car is subjected through the Wilwood Brakes 60-to-0 braking challenge, dragstrip quarter-mile passes, and the autocross. Regarding rules, only one counted and that required all competitors to run a street tire with a minimum treadwear of 180. Beyond that, anything flew and it made for some tough competition.

For this year's event, we started the weekend with the 60 to 0 braking challenge. Here, sister publication Camaro Performers' editor Nick Licata and editor Henry D blasted up to speed and clamped down on the binders to test out the stopping power. And unlike previous years, where the staff of Chevy High Performance would push the cars through the dragstrip and autocross; this year, it was all on the owners.

After this weekend's challenge, we've always known it, but we have to say that our SMC & TRS competitors are bonafide adrenaline junkies that are flat-out fearless. When the smoke cleared, BMR Suspension's Allan Miller came out on top in the Street Machine Challenge with his 2010 Camaro. In the Top Ride Shootout, Brian Finch and his silver bullet '71 Camaro took home the honors.

It's hard to believe another year has come and gone, but one thing's for sure; this years event was outstanding with top notch rides and yes, we're already prepping for next year. Make note, there will be one change for 2014; we're combining The Top Ride Shootout with our Street Machine Challenge, which means, we're eliminating the TRS banner and SMC will be opened up for additional spots for anyone to join in on the fun. The real question is, will you be there?

Kudos to our 2013 champions, Allan Miller for taking the overall title with his 2010 Camaro in the Street Machine Challenge and to Brian Finch for taking the win in the Top Ride Shootout.

1971 Chevy 29/29


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