2013 Super Chevy Show Edmonton - Hybrids, Racing, And Bow Tie Fun … Canadian Style!

The 2013 Super Chevy Show series went north of the border to Castrol Raceway.

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2013 Super Chevy Show Edmonton Car 2/28

Gord Satermo led the Alberta, Canada, chapter of the SSR Fanatics group. The first retro-design production vehicle to come from Chevrolet, SSRs have a strong following today, and their owners are always proud attendees at Super Chevy Shows. We can’t wait to see how many show up next year, and if you have an SSR and are looking for fellow enthusiasts, check out www.ssrfanatics.com


1955 Chevy 210 3/28

With original paint patina and a factory interior minus the lone racing seat up front, Byron Bourget’s ’55 210 four-door sedan was a neat attraction at the strip. Byron ran a best of 13.725 at 101.71 thanks to healthy small-block power.


1989 Chevy Camaro IROC 4/28

It’s not often you see such a well-built and clean third-gen Camaro as Steve Payne’s ’89 IROC-Z. The 421-inch small-block uses a Little M block, and is forced fed air via a ProCharger D-1SC blower, for 558 HP at the wheels. Steve bought the F-body new in ’89, and it still wears its original paint, along with original interior. Steve’s best time in the quarter mile is a 10.76 at 128 mph.


1956 Chevy 210 5/28

Alexander Weslosky brought out his spectacular ’56 210 sedan for the show (he also had a Chevelle there too). The shoebox is motivated by 572 Rat, and the interior features leather-wrapped bucket seats, console with nav/sound system, and Classic Instruments readouts.

Here are the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada winners from the AMSOIL Best of the Best competition, presented by Danchuk and Classic Muscle:

Best Logo 2013 8/28

The AMSOIL Best of the Best voting begins the Monday after each Super Chevy Show and lasts through the following Monday at midnight. Keep your browser aimed at bestofthebest.superchevy.com to vote for next batch of classic Bow Ties.

Super Chevy Best Of The Best 1955 Bel 9/28

Tri-Five—Walter Klukas, 1955 Bel Air

Super Chevy Best Of The Best 1967 10/28

Camaro—Barry Zelisko, 1967 Camaro

Super Chevy Best Of The Best 1970 Chevelle 11/28

Chevelle—Alex Weslosky, 1970 Chevelle SS

Super Chevy Best Of The Best 1970 Nova Pro 12/28

Nova–Neil Tomyn, 1970 Nova Pro Street

Super Chevy Best Of The Best 1964 Impala 13/28

Fullsize, ’58-up—Brett Garden, 1964 Impala SS




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