Barrett-Jackson Star-Studded Reveal of LV-1 Camaros at SEMA

Stephanie Davies Nov 6, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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The SEMA saga continues! Earlier today, the commemorative 2014 Linda Vaughn LV-1 Camaros were unveiled at the Barrett-Jackson booth. The beautiful black and white Camaros, accented with gold stripes (and details), were showcased by Miss Hurst Golden Shifter herself, along with designer Jack “Doc” Watson. Don “The Snake” Prudhomme was also at the booth signing autographs during the reveal. (Yes, we know he’s not a Chevy guy, but he IS a legend!)

Linda_Vaughn_LV 2/6

The Camaros in question were created to celebrate the 50-year friendship of Vaughn and Watson – the golden 50-year anniversary – giving the pair another reason to accent the Camaros so heavily in gold. Vaughn has been behind Hurst’s marketing efforts for years and is a long-time competitor in sports car racing. As Watson has been considered George Hurst’s right-hand man (and president of Hurst Performance Research), he earned his nickname by being a doctor of sorts to the Hurst shifter by traveling to various tracks to set up facilities repairing racers’ shifters.

The pair unveiled the cars to a throng of media, but unfortunately never lifted the hoods. We’re told that they each house an LS3 engine and the black one, equipped with a manual transmission, produces 450 horsepower, while the white automatic version boasts 430 horsepower.

Linda_Vaughn_LV 3/6

Check out a few awesome pictures of the legends with the new LV-1 Camaros!




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