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Top 3 Coolest Vettes of LS Fest - Sunday Edition

Stephanie Davies Sep 8, 2013
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Holley LS Fest 2013 has drawn to a close and all of the beautiful Chevys are filing out of Bowling Green and heading home. As promised, we have Part Two of our Top 3 Coolest Vettes at the event. Choosing three new favorites was just as difficult today as it was yesterday, but after much deliberation, here are our picks.

1. Tyler Powell - 1963 Corvette Grand Sport


Tyler Powell brought his awesome '63 Grand Sport from Mobile, Alabama. We noticed it early and when we finally tracked him down, he told us that it's equipped with an LS2 and 6-speed transmission. An EPS custom cam and custom coilovers are just a couple of the modifications on his list, and he also told us that the interior was custom-made by himself. In the three years that he's owned it, LS Fest was his first racing event and he ran an 11.6 at 122 mph with the 440 horsepower beast.

2. Bob Curran - 1996 Corvette Grand Sport


We managed to catch up with Bob later in the day today as the rain began to roll into Bowling Green. He had a few minutes to chat with us about the C4 before loading it up and told us that the '96 is a pretty accomplished automobile. With about 1,600 horsepower, and a best quarter-mile time of 7.83 at 178 mph, we were impressed to say the least. The Vette sports a 374 cubic-inch LSX with a Vortech supercharger, All Pro heads, and a Powerglide - and is void of any type of wheelie bar. His quarter-mile record has been 7.80 at 179, so we think he did a pretty incredible job this weekend, especially considering the nearly unbearable heat.

3. Mark Carlyle - 2007 Corvette Z06


Mark brought his '07 Z06 from Columbus, Ohio, as he has every year since the event began. Many of you might recognize it as Vette magazine's Fastest Vette winner several years running. The car holds some pretty incredible titles, including "fastest C6 in the world", and ran an awesome quarter-mile time of 7.26 at 205 mph this weekend. It should be noted that the 3,000 horsepower monster possesses a fastest time ever of 6.82 at 223 (a record for IRS and stock suspension LS cars). It's outfitted with a Dart billet 427 LS with 88mm Garrett GT55 18R twin-turbochargers. The Vette was designed and built by IPS Motorsports and is sponsored by RPM Transmissions, Driveshaft Shop, and All Pro Heads, among others.

Check back soon to learn who won this year's title of Vette Magazine's Fastest Vette of LS Fest 2013!



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