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2012 Return To The Coast - Roller Coasting

Performance Driving Returns to the West Coast

Jul 11, 2013
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OK, it's no secret that we're into Camaros that get driven hard. While we typically favor handling events, we're more than happy when we see Camaros getting down at any venue. This has worked out well for us since a lot of you feel the same way, and this has led to a plethora of driving events around the country. One such track thrash is held in our own backyard of sunny Southern California. A group of self-professed rednecks from Tennessee formed the American Street Car Series and have put on an event here every year since 2010 called Run to the Coast. With the success of these events, they decided to come back at the end of the summer and do it again. This time dubbed Return to the Coast, it was even better than before.

Now, this isn't a bunch of pro racers-just car junkies that love to legally wind out their rides from time to time. This event was comprised of several segments, including a 2.5-mile road course, a large autocross, and a unique event called the Speed Stop Squared (SS2). The SS2 wasn't timed, but instead was run head-to-head with judges determining which car stopped in the box first.

All the cars had to pass tech and roll on 200 or higher treadwear tires. Other than the basic safety regs, the number one rule was to have fun-a rule everyone was happy to follow.

01 Greg Barkley beats on his '71 like he's had it for years, because he has-just over 20 to be exact. His best road course time was 1:54.178, and on the autocross he churned out a best lap of 53.010.

 Return To The Coast 1971 Chevy Camaro 2/17

02 We love Tom Foglesong's low-buck '67. It's got a boneyard 5.3L LS engine and a ton of soul. Tom drove out from Arizona, knocked down a solid 1:54.793 on the road course and a 53.229 on the autocross, then drove it home.

 Return To The Coast 1967 Chevy 3/17

03 Since getting his '68 on the road, Rodney Prouty has shown up at just about every event possible. His white rocket looked great and had the performance to match. His best road course time was 1:51.281, and his best autocross lap was 50.946 seconds.

 Return To The Coast 1968 Chevy 4/17

04 Another really nice car not afraid of cone rash or a few rock chips is Aaron Raymond's '69 RS. He had a blast on the Speed Stop Squared as well as the autocross. He managed to log a best lap on the road course of 1:52.451, and on the autocross circuit he knocked down a 54.432-second run.

 Return To The Coast 1969 Chevy 5/17

05 It may look stock, but Chuck Terry has done a lot to his '10 SS. He logged a best time of 54.530 seconds on the autocross, and his quickest road course time was 1:56.100.

 Return To The Coast 2010 Chevy Camaro 6/17

06 Don Gonzales came to the party in his '10 SS Camaro and ran a best time of 1:49.522 on the road course and 51.999 on the autocross. He also picked up our Editor's Choice award in the Modern Camaro category. Congrats, Don!

 Return To The Coast 2010 Chevy Camaro Ss 7/17

07 Richard Markey's '67 had a certain old-school vibe that we were really digging. He wasn't fielding the latest suspension or wiz-bang tires but he had a blast and logged a best time of 2:02 on the road course and 54.462 seconds on the autocross.

 Return To The Coast 1967 Chevy Camaro 8/17

08 Greg Blundell's LS7-powered '69 is nice. In fact, we would have to say it was the most beautiful Camaro at the event. But even with the high-end paintwork, Greg isn't afraid to run the DSE-equipped Camaro all-out. He turned in a 1:58.332 on the road course, and we're sure there's more in it. On the autocross, his best time was 53.477 seconds.

 Return To The Coast 1969 Chevy Camaro 9/17

09 Ryan Murray came out to represent fourth-gens in his white '97 Z28. He ran a best road course time of 1:57.514 and was all smiles doing so.

 Return To The Coast 1997 Chevy 10/17

10 Keith Smith showed that you don't need to break the bank to end up with a sweet Camaro that performs. His '71 looked great running a best lap of 1:48.657 around the big course and a 52.049 on the autocross.

 Return To The Coast 1971 Chevy 11/17

11 Dannie Pinard showed up in his super clean '10 and knocked down a solid 1:51.281 on the road course and a 52.247 on the autocross. He also won our award for the Quickest Modern Camaro.

 Return To The Coast 2010 Chevy 12/17

12 Another super nice Camaro was this '68 piloted by Rob Chandler. As Rob got more track time his laps kept getting quicker, resulting in a best time of 1:52.200 on the road course and a 52.028 on the autocross.

 Return To The Coast 1968 Chevy Camaro 13/17

13 There's no rule that says "works in progress" can't come out and play on the asphalt. Take John Gurley's '68 for example. It's not close to being done, but John can't resist the chance to flog the throttle a bit. And while it may not look ready for a car show, it still turned in a respectable 2:00.900 on the road course.

 Return To The Coast 1968 Chevy Camaro 14/17

14 Representing Camaro Performers was Nick Licata in Black Betty, our '01 Z28 project car. He ran hard in all the events and locked in a solid 1:50.200 on the road course and a quick time of 50.968 on the autocross.

 Return To The Coast 2001 Chevy 15/17

15 Yeah, in this shot there are dead cones and flying cones, but this was more the exception than the rule for Karl Dunn in his race-bred '68. He ran all the events well and had the third quickest road course time of 1:44.947 and quickest autocross time of 49.522 seconds.

 Return To The Coast 1968 Chevy Camaro 16/17

16 In fact, Karl Dunn's times were good enough to take home the Quickest Classic Camaro award and the Overall Event Winner trophy presented by Camaro Performers magazine editor Nick Licata and ASCS's Brian Finch and Yancy Johns. Well-played, Karl, well-played.

 Return To The Coast Karl 17/17



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